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What you shouldn’t buy for Black Friday

What you shouldn’t buy for Black Friday

Jim BevinNovember 24, 20172min866

Year after year, the deals on one of the most anticipated days of the year – Black Friday, are becoming better as consumers become more tech-savvy.

I often collect the worst deals from paper fliers, so I decided to share my Black Friday experience with our fellow readers. So here are the deals that you must avoid at all cost or else the given money would be for nothing.

Big-screen HDTVs

Every year, you will be welcomed by amazing offers of HDTVs, but I highly recommend that you think a bit before buying.

These TVs all have HDMI ports and some of them even have Wi-Fi antennas, but the technology is getting old. They are thick, heavy and some of them won’t find your favorite sports channels.

You will get a way better item if you purchase a cutting-edge OLED TV that would look like a wallpaper to your wall and not like you’ve parked your car in the room.


Two years ago, the whole world was shacking due to the hoverboard craze, that’s already dead. However, you can still find them on the market and, in fact, there are hundreds of random brands most of which won’t last through the holidays. Note that, these hoverboards must be used with protection as you can get hurt.

Check the deals for electric skateboards as you might find some pretty good deals that won’t include breaking your gift or yourself.


Why would you need a camcorder in the 21st century? I even thought that they don’t sell them anymore. Instead of buying a camcorder, we would recommend investing the money in a better smartphone as it would be from a far greater use than a device that can be used for a single purpose only.

Inexpensive Drones

Drones are flying robots and it’s perfectly normal for them to cost more. It’s a unique gift, but they can be quite expensive. However, the higher the price, the more durable it will be. Low-quality drones are hard to control and they tend to break in the first two days of exploiting them. So, if you have decided about buying one, then you will have to pay more if you’d like to enjoy it.

Cheap Windows PCs

We already reminded you that in this article, but it’s the 21st century, people! Avoid Windows computers that have mobile standard CPU’s. Celeron, Core i3 & 2GB of RAM must be the keywords to avoid at all costs.

Why would you need a device that’s worth a $100, but can’t perform any operations that would make it worth? Computers cost money if you want them to work smoothly.

DVD Player

Nowadays, I see little to no reasoning for buying a DVD/Blu-ray player at home. Most people who own these devices have already forgotten how to turn them on.

Instead, you can either subscribe online for a streaming service online or look out for a good set-top box to install. This would give you thousands of titles and hours of entertainment.

Wi-Fi Booster

If you own a house, then you must have the problem with the internet connectivity. You have internet on the second floor, but it can’t reach the kitchen or the backyard. It really is troublesome, but Wi-Fi boosters won’t do the trick as most of them don’t work well.

Instead, you can invest in a high-quality network system that would grow your network coverage considerably.

Jim Bevin

Jim Bevin is a passionate writer, guest blogger, and a social media enthusiast. The primary focus is writing high-quality articles after in-depth research and make sure it is a readers delight. Information is key and he abides by the rule of writing articles that will appeal to a broader audience.

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