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What makes Apple so Successful?

What makes Apple so Successful?

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To understand why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, we must get back in the past and examine the foundations of the corporation. In modern days, Apple is considered as one of the most successful companies for all times, whereas many organizations rank Apple as the most valuable brand in the world. According to Forbes, the value of Apple is twice more than Microsoft and Google.

1.Product Engineers must have a desire for their products as much as their clients.

Apple’s engineers represent the real clients themselves because they develop technologies, which they would love to use in their everyday life.

The philosophy came from the founder of the company Steve Jobs, who was the first one to try every product designed by the firm. All functionalities are created in such manner that they are as intuitive as possible for the regular user. The secret ingredient for Apple’s product is the minimalistic approach they use

2.Lightweight, Easy-To-Use, Intuitive!

As technologies advance, they get more sophisticated than ever, and the tasks an individual can perform with them are endless. The designers of Apple are focused on delivering unique user’s experience that’s simplified

Apple always aims to create a product that is easy to use. Products, which are difficult to use are considered worthless even if they are unique.

3.Professional Customer’s Service

Jobs had an incredible customer’s service team behind his back. In all Apple stores, the sellers are not only professionals at what they do, but they are proficient psychologists, who know how to treat a client and convert him.

Apple’s salespeople are highly educated, and they know every single detail about the product, in which the customers are interested. The approach they use is personal and their first mission, when they interact with the client, is to create a bond with them.

The products designed by the firm use an incredibly intuitive software, and they are easy-to-use. That’s why a large percentage of the people buying Apple devices are newer clients. When you are having a problem with the device, the issue will be handled by a professional and satisfaction is guaranteed.

4.The Key Is In Simplicity

According to a major company’s executive, the key to Apple’s success comes from the simplicity and because they have one primary product – the iPhone. Simple product, professional customer’s service, easy-to-use interface. The decision-making process is almost eliminated.

When people buy a particular kind of technology, they want to have a comfortable customer’s experience without any hassles. When the individual is having hard time choosing, he is not having a pleasant time. At Apple, this problem is eliminated because a client can choose from only five iPhone models.

The statistics of Apple devices sold each year, show that clients appreciate the simplicity provided by the corporation and that’s why they are loyal customers.

Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple. – Pete Seeger

5.Apple products are simply better

Throughout the years, Apple has invented many technologies, but they became famous for recreating products. They simply want to design products that are better than others.

The iPod is a reinvention of the MP3 Player, but Steve Job’s way of seeing things created the Apple version of the product. They automatically killed the competition of all other music players. The first smartphone was invented by the American technological giant IBM, but Apple created what is considered as one of the greatest mobile devices – the iPhone. Apple’s smart telephone changed the evolution of all other phones.

When they reinvent products, they don’t do it unless they are entirely sure that it would be far better than their competitors.

6.Apple is always a step ahead

For their competitors, it’s an actual nightmare given the fact that the latest iPhone released by Apple has been created a year ago and now the next phone is ready and just waiting for the right moment to be launched.

An interesting fact is that Apple receives around 70% of all the profits in the smartphones and around 85% in the tablet industry.

 Final Thoughts

To the great software and the unusual design, rich content, quality of applications as well as the services provided by the company to the equation and you will understand that Apple is on a whole different level.

The pleasure to use their devices and the way they look is what makes the company so successful. Moreover, all devices of the corporation are a part of an interesting ecosystem, and they work seamlessly with one another.

From what we see, no technological company is going to surpass Apple in the next couple of years. The facts show that this company is going to stay on top of the charts for a long time.

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