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The Wonders of 5G Technology

The Wonders of 5G Technology

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5G, which stands for 5th generation mobile, is the next big thing in wireless communication. People have been raving about it for a while because it is evidently a big improvement to the current network we’re using today, the 4G.

Apparently, aside from being faster, it has fewer dead zones and can potentially end data caps on cellular contracts.

What Makes 5G Special?

When 5G will finally become available to the public, it will show better capabilities than the current technology we are using today by being able to deal with more data and being able to connect more devices simultaneously and doing all this at a much faster speed.

4G, which is the current technology that we are using, has a maximum download speed at around 50 megabits per second, but, of course, its speed is much lower in reality. During the test runs, 5G has shown that it is capable of having a speed that is 100 times more than that of 4G.

Theoretically speaking, having a good 5G connection can let users play a 4K video on their mobile phones with no interruptions or lag at all. Additionally, 5G networks can also support multiple devices at one time, which is the reason why it is especially handy for connecting together lots of IoT (Internet of Things) within smart buildings and cities.

Makes 5G Special

What Makes 5G Faster than 4G?

The mobile networks that we are using now are using radio waves. 5G, on the other hand, is using bits of the electromagnetic spectrum that aren’t presently being utilized by competitor networks. That is the reason why it is notably faster than any other network, not just 4G.

What’s more, it is the advancement in receiver and transmitter technology that enables the 5G networks to communicate using very high and very low-frequency waves, which was, in fact, impossible to achieve using the existing technologies we have today.

When Will We Get to Use 5G?

As of now, there isn’t any 5G-ready device on the market. Recently, however, various consumer electronics companies have announced that they are presently working with the chip manufacturer Qualcomm in order to produce devices that are 5G-ready by 2019.

So, based on that, there won’t be any 5G-ready devices until next year, but it won’t be long since the time has finally come for 5G to come into the spotlight.

5G network

Naturally, there will be a need for a network in which these 5G-ready devices will be able to connect to. In order to resolve that issue, several mobile manufacturers, such as Vodafone and AT&T, are now testing 5G networks that are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 50 Modem. Some operators hope to develop full 5G networks before the year ends, while others are taking a much slower approach.

We don’t know for certain exactly when we will be able to see 5G connections, but one thing’s for sure: we will be having 5G-ready devices for a long time before we can actually get to connect to a 5G network, which is mostly because network providers might take a while to decide to finally roll out extensive coverage.

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