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The five technologies that have changed the gaming world

The five technologies that have changed the gaming world

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Not long ago, people used computers mainly for equations and nobody knew that this could lead to a drastic change in the way we see the world. More than fifty years ago, people gathered to play the first computer games and none of them knew that this could grow into a $75 billion global industry.

Nowadays, more than 1.8 billion people are playing games in the world. At first, it all started with the first arcade games and consoles. However, gaming has been rapidly evolving and pushing its own boundaries with technological innovations such as augmented and virtual reality, wireless hardware and much more.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality was revealed not long ago and it has now changed the way we play games. As of 2016, AR is $1.2 billion business, which is expected to grow up to $80 billion by 2021.

The technology was unveiled a few years ago and it’s now capturing the imaginations of both kids and adults. It looks like that adding a little extra information layered on top of the real world could be quite entertaining.

Its increasing popularity means that investors won’t stop pouring money into the evolution of this technology. That’s why we can expect to see even more innovations from the AR industry for mobile devices, PCs, and even consoles.

Virtual Reality

The elder brother of Augmented Reality is Virtual Reality, which is still in a beginning phase as it takes a longer time to adopt the technology.  However, large tech companies are producing VR headsets and researching the technology in order to bring a more sophisticated experience to their users.

It might take several more years until the majority of gamers start playing on a console using a VR headset, but it will surely gain popularity in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

The gaming industry is involved with artificial intelligence since the mid-1980s and they’ve been working on it ever since. Most games have built-in algorithms that show a certain level of real interactivity. However, companies have invested heavily in the past few years to develop a true machine learning.


Back in the days, PCs weighted tons of kilos and they were just the humongous machines that took most of the space in the room. In the past few years, companies have decided to invest in mobility as this sector has increased by about 20% for the past year.

Now, mobile devices with detachable controllers allow you to have nearly the same PC & console experience. Moreover, you can take your game outside your home and enjoy them wherever you are.

Wireless Tech

Gamers no longer have to untangle wires for thirty minutes before starting their session, wondering why their keyboard isn’t functioning. Many gaming companies have now revealed computer hardware with built-in wireless technology that turns gaming into a whole new level.

In fact, the latest models of the wireless keyboards and gaming mouse often feature an ergonomic design with a long battery life and perfect wireless performing. Say goodbye to the good old 80s tech and enjoy the future!

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