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The Best VPN Service in 2018

The Best VPN Service in 2018

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Before we get started, some of you might wonder what a VPN is and what it does. Well, VPN, which is short for the virtual private network, is the extension of a private network and includes links across shared as well as public networks like the Internet, for example.

Most companies actually employ the use of VPN connections in order to share data between two computers across the Internet in a way that replicates the properties of a point-to-point private link.

best free vpn services of 2018

Why People Use VPNs

VPNs can actually allow you to create the secure connection over less-secure networks. By doing so, it protects your privacy by letting you anonymously appear anywhere. VPN is also being used in large companies where their current network infrastructure cannot support everything.

Seeing that VPN is very beneficial to Internet users, it is highly recommended to set up a VPN that will encrypt and make all of your internet activity anonymous. By having a good VPN, hackers and phishing scammers won’t be able to get to you.

Criteria in Choosing a Good VPN Service

The Internet is just swarming with VPN servers. So, how do we determine which of them are the best? Before deciding on a VPN server, let me share with you some qualities of a good VPN server.

  • Cost

VPNs aren’t really expensive although that depends on the vendor. If you want a VPN that can provide value to your money, then go for the expensive ones as they tend to be amazing.

  • Reliability

Another trait of a good VPN is reliability. A good VPN will be able to capably provide you with enough online privacy and protect you and your data.

  • High security

A VPN that is effective will have great security traits such as 128-bit encryption, anonymous DNS servers and an absence of connection logs.

The Best VPN Services in 2018


With 2,000 IP addresses and over 3,500 servers in 61 locations, NordVPN is the best choice right now. It offers the most number of simultaneous connection count with six simultaneous connections via its network.

Moreover, NordVPN even a dedicated IP option, which is ideal for individuals who are looking for a different level of VPN connection.


If you’re looking for a VPN service with more offerings, then you should consider StrongVPN. With almost 60,000 IP addresses and 689 servers across 70 locations, StrongVPN is our second pick.

For those who are interested, StrongVPN has a strong no-logging policy as well as a solid collection of servers and server locations as well as a huge collection of IP addresses for your anonymity needs. But what sets StrongVPN apart from other VPNs is its network, which allows you to breeze through your work without any hassle.

3.IPVanish VPN

Being second only in size, IPVanish is still considered a great VPN because of its record of zero logs. IPVanish has over 40,000 IP addresses and 900 servers located in 60 different sites across the globe.

IPVanish evidently supports privacy since it provides support to EFF, which is a nonprofit foundation that strives to protect online privacy. For those who still aren’t convinced, IPVanish also has a connection kill switch feature, which is aimed at providing anonymity to its users.

We all have the right to privacy, and so we shouldn’t let other people pry and keep tabs on what we do on the internet. That is what these VPNs are for: to help reinforce that fact and keep us safe while we surf the Internet.

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