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The Best Smart Displays for You

The Best Smart Displays for You

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You have probably seen how smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, have conquered the market and eventually became an integral part of most households.

Now, some of the smart assistants that have powered this piece of technology have found their way into smart displays, which is a new form factor that will bring about some interesting changes. These smart displays are equipped to handle tasks that are usually reserved for your smartphone or tablet, and it also allows users to do more hands-free than any smart speaker can.

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Aside from that, smart displays let users listen to music, manage your connected home tech, make or join a video call, or even display a recipe while you cook.

Below you will read about the best smart displays you can get your hands on today.

Echo Show by Amazon

Amazon Echo Show features a seven-inch display and is integrated with various Amazon services. The Echo Show functions in all of the same ways as the Echo speaker; it has a far-field microphone and is integrated with Alexa. It is a bit more expressive though, afforded by its touch-friendly display, which displays any and all information that you request.

What’s good about the Echo Show is that it demands very little from the user since it doesn’t require you to move around home screen icons when setting it up. It can also play movies and TV from Prime Video, video clips, as well as video chatting.

Echo Show by Amazon

The Echo Show also features “Drop In” video calling, which allows users to hop into a video chat unannounced with a trusted contact. Before you panic, Echo Show requires both parties to enable the video chat although it basically just lets either party to automatically open up a line of communication without syncing up a time and place. However, this feature only works with any Echo device, Fire tablets, and iOS and Android mobile users who have the Alexa application installed.

Amazon Echo Show is priced at $229 and is available in black or white. Overall, this seven-inch smart display is the perfect choice for all Amazon users.

Echo Spot by Amazon

Like Echo Show, Echo Spot possesses the same skills as any Echo speaker but with a built-in display, But instead of the rectangle frame of Echo Show, Echo Spot has a spherical build and is much cheaper and smaller than Echo Show.

There are a couple of ways that users can use a smart display of Echo Spot’s size. For instance, users can use it for setting timers, listening to music, handle alarm duties, and so on. Also, the “Drop In” feature could allow users to monitor what’s happening in a different room.

Echo Spot by Amazon

In terms of music, the Echo Spot’s speakers are inferior to that of any Echo speakers, but it comes with a 3.5mm jack that users could connect to their speaker system.

Amazon Echo Spot is priced at $129. For almost the same price as Echo Show, you can buy two Echo Spot and give one Echo Spot as a present to a close friend or family member in order to keep in touch through the “Drop In” feature that was specified above.

Lenovo Smart Display by Google

Lenovo Smart Display is available in two sizes: 8-inches or 10-inches, which are priced at $199 and $249, respectively. It looks like a digital picture frame albeit way smarter than one.

Lenovo Smart Display runs Android Things, which is Google’s OS that is built exclusively for the Internet of Things devices. Similar to Amazon’s smart displays, Lenovo Smart Display can probably control most of the connected tech in your home.

Lenovo Smart Display by Google

Although Google’s smart displays don’t have cutting-edge features like what Amazon’s smart displays have, there are practical reasons why you should opt for this model. First is the bigger screen. For instance, if you want to read recipes while you cook, it would be convenient to do so on a smart display with the bigger screen.

The other feature is YouTube. Because of the strong ties that Lenovo Smart Display has with Google, it can provide you with YouTube videos as an answer to your question; you can even share Google Map locations from the Smart Display to your mobile phone.

In terms of video chatting, Lenovo Smart Display only supports Google Duo. Compared to Amazon’s “Drop In” feature, Google’s implementation is somewhat lacking. However, they did compensate for that by other means like building in a hardware switch that covers the front camera.

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