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The Best Mobile Operating System: the Clash between Android and iOS

The Best Mobile Operating System: the Clash between Android and iOS

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At some point, mobile users must have thought about this one question: “Which mobile operating system is better, Android or iOS?”

Well, the answer to that can be quite subjective. After all, every person has a different set of preferences as not everyone is created the same, and so not all of us would like and hate the exact same things.

There is actually a lot of existing mobile operating system today, such as Blackberry OS and MeeGo OS. However, Android and iOS have the biggest market share among them all, and so that’s the reason why these two were chosen as highlights in this article.

Below you will get to learn some facts about these two mobile operating systems and have your own opinion about which of the two is better.

The Best Mobile Operating System: the Clash between Android and iOS

Attributes of a Good Mobile Operating System

  • Speed of Ease

One attribute of a good mobile operating system is its speed of ease. In simple terms, how quick a user can get used to navigating the OS or its user-friendliness.

  • Power to the User

Another attribute of a good mobile operating system is the power it gives to its users. Nothing is more attractive in a mobile phone than the fact that it can let you do various kinds of things, from changing color schemes to managing screen displays.

  • Apps

This is probably one of the most considered attributes of a mobile operating system. Some people want to play as many games as possible, while others just want quality apps that can get them through the day. For instance, iOS has plenty of great apps available on the App Store. In fact, some apps even have iOS exclusivity, meaning you won’t be able to download it in any other mobile OS besides iOS.

  • Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a new feature of the mobile operating system. Similar to the desktop computers and laptops, users can now run as many apps on their smartphones as they want. Since most of us consider our smartphone as an extension of our computers at the office, having this attribute is quite beneficial for a smartphone to have.

Why Does it Matter Which Operating System is the Best?

If you’re planning on buying a device that you will be using for a while, determining first which operating system is better is important because it can greatly affect your overall experience with the device as every OS have its own perks and flaws.

Now, some people might think that there’s not much difference between iOS and Android anymore, but that could not be further from the truth. These two mobile operating systems may have borrowed features from each other over the years, which made the difference between them seem superficial at first glance, but there are actually a couple of significant differences between the two.

Difference between Android and iPhone

To give you further advice regarding iOS and Android, here are three aspects where iOS and Android clearly differ from each other.

First is their approach to user privacy. Compared to other mobile operating systems, Apple claims that they don’t want to collect as much data on their users. So, you may feel at ease that only a small amount of your data is being sent to the cloud; most of it is being stored securely on your device.

Second, we got compatibility. However, this covers mostly apps and services instead of the actual operating system. What I’m getting at is the operating system’s compatibility with hardware and applications. For instance, how Android works pretty well with Google products and applications.

Last is security. When compared to each other, you can clearly see the difference between the two mobile operating systems. Android clearly experiences more security concerns as compared to iOS, which is more tightly locked down. However, it also results in some of the apps being limited in what they can do.

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