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The Best Email Apps for Your Smartphone

The Best Email Apps for Your Smartphone

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If you are one of those people who are always on the go, then you probably have your emails synced into your mobile phone. Doing this could help you to avoid having an enormous amount of emails accumulating in your inbox since you could go through them from time to time with the use of your mobile application.

Below you will find the best email apps that you can use to help you go through your even when you’re up and about.

mails synced into your mobile phone

Determining the Effectiveness of an Email App

When talking about email mobile applications, there is generally little to differentiate since they all function the same; as an email app, it delivers an endless flow of emails, notifications, newsletters, spam emails, deals, invitations, requests, et cetera.

Going through everything in your email takes up a lot of time and productivity, and so it is extremely important that you have an email app that can execute various email-related tasks in a quick and efficient manner. Ideally, a good email app can let you load emails, refresh your inbox, reply to emails, archive old emails, delete emails, and other related tasks as fast and as flawless as possible.

Another quality of a good email app is security. We all know that emails are prone to cyber attacks, spam, and phishing scam, among many others. A good email app has an efficient spam filter, has an antivirus software, uses SSL data encryption and cloud-based webmail servers, as well as other great security features.

Lastly, a good email should be fairly easy to use, even for a beginner, and should be compatible with various devices.

The Best Email Apps for iOS

  • Outlook

This may come as a surprise, but the best email app for iOS devices is Microsoft’s Outlook. With a clean and simplistic design, Outlook will have no trouble helping you go through your emails in an incredibly efficient way.

Outlook has all the vital features of a good email. It lets you archive, delete, or snooze emails easily just by making a swiping gesture. It also has a filtered inbox that routinely tries to organize your emails by order of importance. On top of that, it supports virtually all email services, including iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook.

Another great feature of the Outlook app is the response bar found at the bottom, which enables you to send quick responses in a jiffy. The only downer is that its search function isn’t as efficient as that of Google’s Gmail app.

  • Spark

Spark, on the other hand, isn’t as simplistic or user-friendly as Outlook. However, if you’re looking for an email app that offers versatility, then Spark is the right email app for you. It has the best notification options among other email apps on iOS; it even lets you automatically mute notifications from strangers and automated emails.

Spark can load emails pretty quickly and lets you use customizable swipe gestures. Moreover, you can also access a pop-up widget wheel, a side menu, as well as options found in the toolbar. Spark also works well with major email providers like Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, and Yahoo.

The Best Email Apps for Android

  • Gmail

Since 2015, there hasn’t been any major update done on Gmail whatsoever. Basing on the design and layout, it still looks relatively the same as it did a few years ago. However, if you have been an Android user for quite a while, then you must’ve already recognized the advantage that Google has on its own platform.

Honestly, you won’t be able to find another email app that could offer the same power, features, and speed that Gmail can offer. In addition, it also supports Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, and manually configured IMAP accounts as well.

Gmail also features notification channels, smart filtering options, smart replies, icon badges, pop-up previews, and an automatically flagged priority inbox. You might find these features in other email apps, but you should know that those are all replications from Gmail’s features and they all still work best with Gmail. Also, if you’re using an Android device, then you will realize that Gmail is the default option as it is pre-installed on almost all Android devices.

Overall, Gmail may not be the most well-designed email app, but it certainly performs better than most email apps out there.

  • Outlook

Besides iOS, Outlook is also a great option for Android devices. No one can deny how fast and easy it is to set up and use, not to mention its simplistic design and functionality.

Similarly to the iOS version, Outlook on Android looks great and easy to use. You can definitely go through your email easily and quickly with this particular email app. You will find three tabs on the bottom that is used to shift from inbox, search, and calendar view.

As what was mentioned earlier, Outlook is fairly easy to navigate and use. It may not have the numerous features that Gmail has, but it is a great option if all you need is the basic functions of an email app.

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