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The Best CRM Software for Your Business

The Best CRM Software for Your Business

Jim BevinOctober 12, 20182min71

In managing clients, a business needs something that can deal with more than just basic information. They need software that can surpass the capacity of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or address book in their smartphones and allow them to make smarter decisions for their business operations through supervision of customer interaction and mining for customer data.

CRM Software for Your Business

What is CRM Software and Why Your Business Needs It

A CRM Software is a type of software that is specially designed to cover a number of applications: customer data, customer interaction, access business information, and automate sales, among many others. Basically, it is a software that helps businesses to better manage and access customer information.

To begin with, CRM software is not only easier to manage but also much more functional than a spreadsheet. CRM software can record your customers’ contact details and remembers the particulars of your relationship, as well as daily interaction, may it be through phone or email or even through social media. Furthermore, that information will lead to a lot of opportunities by letting businesses identify prospects and targeting new marketing, for instance.

By choosing the right CRM software for your company, you can significantly improve collaboration and productivity among employees, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Aside from that, CRM software can also improve the performance of marketing and customer service by using the data it collected to efficiently segment demographics and store, as well as reuse, customer incident information.

The key here is to pick the software that is right for the way your business or team operates. Based on the software that you choose, you can set and gauge sales goals, manage email marketing campaigns, and even monitor what people are saying on social media.

Factors in Picking out the Best CRM Software

  • Pricing and Add-ons

Focusing more on just the direct cost, a price can be the main factor in assessing CRM software. What you should consider are the features that are included in that cost and which of them you actually need in your operations.

Remember that you will need to train people in order to use this software, not to mention that you might need upgrades and ongoing support. Think about the money required to integrate the software with the existing systems in your company and if you would need to have additional equipment. These little things might not seem significant, but they could quickly add up.

  • Ease of Use and Support

By using CRM software, you should be able to easily gather insights, or else you won’t want to use it. Observe how easy it is to use or whether you are able to find the features you need.

Aside from ease of use, CRM software must also be capable of managing user error. For instance, it should be able to identify when an error is made, especially with regard to a data input, and recommend how to do it correctly. A poorly designed CRM software, on the other hand, won’t be able to check for errors, or worse, it could just provide you with the unnecessary error message.

  • Marketing Automation

Another feature of CRM software is its ability to perform as a lynchpin for a well-planned marketing automation plan. It reminds sales and marketing staff to follow up on customers with precise timing; sometimes, it even handles the tasks for them.

Great CRM software should also handle lead management, which is a basic feature of CRM platforms, and email marketing. Lead management includes monitoring and managing of prospects as well as existing customers, whereas email marketing is its ability to send out perfectly timed messages to prospects and existing customers.

  • Security

CRM software should also invest in security. Since it is going to be handling a lot of personal and sensitive information, people need to make sure that those data are kept secure. Moreover, it doesn’t only mean maintaining the privacy of your data but also protecting money-making relationships that affect your bottom line.

Top 3 CRM Software in 2018

  1. Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is an affordable, do-it-all, customizable solution that offers 24-hour support as well as a great mobile app. In addition, it is integrated with OneDrive and RingCentral and includes a new workflow and campaign management tools.

The only downer is that it is still quite lacking breadth of third-party integrations. However, it is still considered the best because of its solid core feature set and excellent customization.

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

Salesforce is a recognized name in the CRM field; not only is it a pioneer in the field, but it is also at the top of the line. The Sales Cloud Lightning Professional offers numerous advanced features and is highly customizable. It even has social collaboration and a solid third-party app marketplace. Plus, it offers a 30-day free trial period.

It is indeed a great CRM software, if only it wasn’t so expensive. Of course, there are lower tiers available but they lack functionality. Moreover, it has a steep learning curve.

  1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a flagship product among other Zoho software solutions. It offers a wide range of email marketing tools and an innovative gamification and workflow automation features. Also, it is well-integrated with Google G Suite and other Zoho products.

Zoho CRM offers these great features at a great price. The only let-down is that the workflow automation features are only accessible to those with the Professional edition.

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