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Tesla conquest of Mars – New business frontier

Tesla conquest of Mars – New business frontier

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From the time man first settled on the moon business leaders have been looking for innovative ways to conquer space travel. The business potential is unlimited. Futuristic plans have involved hotels, space crafts like the ones in sci-fi movies. While our obsession with space raises questions on timing and financial costs, Tesla still has plans of one-day settling people in space.

Tesla owner Elon Musk during a conference in Australia on 6th October 2017 unveiled SpaceX new travel plans for Mars. His big idea – a new spaceship that will attract a new wave of space tourist that will boost Tesla revenues.

The new spaceship is said to have 40 cabins, each carrying two or three people, which totals to roughly 80 to 120 persons. Plans to develop cargo version are on the way by 2022. After two years you will have two trips one for cargo and the other for passengers. This will be quite popular for those business people with a few million bucks to spare. Though Tesla plans to later have the prices affordable to the general public.

Tesla big plan for Mars may result in budget cuts for other SpaceX products. The rocket may also include a moon base.  It is expected that the spaceship will commute between any two points on earth in under an hour.  The Spacecraft will be a Multi-functional vehicle that will take over most of SpaceX other functions like ferrying satellites into the orbit or regular commute to its International Space Station.

The Spaceship first task will be to ferry materials for the construction of a fuel processing facility in Mars. SpaceX will also do due diligence on Mars to find out how habitable the planet is. The trip o Mars is expected to take around three and Six months. They, however, plan on first shipping cargo before any passenger trips are made. Fuel will be one commodity urgently needed for the return trips because the Spacecraft requires a boost to exist Mars due to its lack of an atmosphere.  The ship will be filled with Oxygen and Methane for its trip back to Earth.

The biggest concern on peoples mind is Safety. A spaceship is packed with inflammable gases and can explode at any time if the wrong materials are used in its construction. There is also the issue of oxygen and food for the passengers heading to Mars, considering the high number of passengers. SpaceX previous attempts that led to massive losses for the company need to be re-examined for them not to occur again.

SpaceX needs to start planning early if they are to beat their 2022 deadline for cargo and 2024 for passengers. People are eager to see how the project kicks off. Elon Musk did not, however, give journalists a breakdown of how much the project will cost.  Tech Analysts expect that this project will be made a priority at the expense of other SpaceX projects. We hope that the endeavor by Elon Musk will pay dividends as this project has been very personal him.

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