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Super Mario Run Now Available For Android!

Super Mario Run Now Available For Android!

AdminMarch 24, 20171min1173

Super Mario Run made its debut for Android device on 22th of March 2017, a day earlier than its scheduled arrival. Head over to the Google Play Store to download the game for free and test it. Unfortunately, just like the iOS version, you have to purchase the game to access all modes.

Our first thoughts about the game are that it hasn’t changed at all between the two platforms. The content, features, and design are as perfect as the iOS version!

Super Mario Run provides you with the magic of the original game, except one important characteristic – controlling the movement of Mario. The move of the Italian plumbers is automatic, which means that you can mainly control his jumps.

To make a quick leap, all you have to do is tap on the screen, and if you wish to make a higher jump, then you have to hold your finger for a longer time. Moreover, you can stall mid-air for a short period and zig-zag between walls to reach a higher ground whenever it is needed.


What sets apart Super Mario Run from other endless runner games is the design. Similar games use algorithms to create the stages, while these are created manually by highly qualified designers involved with Mario’s universe.

Each level is unique of its own as it provides a variety of entertaining challenges. You must survive spinning saw blades, cannons similar to the popular Donkey Kong Country, claustrophobic spaces and much more.

Plenty of Content

Although there are only 24 levels, excluding the bonuses, there’s plenty to do after you go through each one. First of all, there are pink coins which must be collected in one go. Just when you though that you’ve finished with this, you have to go back to catch all purple and black coins. The online leaderboards provide some degree of competition with your friends, which adds plenty of fun.

What makes the game even more addictive is the fact that you have to implement your strategy skills for every level. To finish all levels flawlessly, with all coins collected, you must become a true master of the game. Truly, one of the most challenging and fun endless runners available for phones.

Your Biggest Competitor – You

You don’t race only for coins and glory, but you do it to surpass your previous score as your greatest competitor should not be someone else, but you! To enjoy this mode, you will need to enter the Toad Rally game, where a whole new repertoire of moves will be unlocked. While you advance further into the game, you will collect coins, tickets, and toads, which will allow you to purchase new heroes and unlock levels.

Final Thoughts

This is not a simple endless runner, that’s going to bore you to death after the few couple of days. It’s a real Mario game designed by Nintendo, and it will let you enjoy the feel of the old games.

The developers of the game have done a fantastic job implementing the original feeling of the game to a device without buttons or a d-pad. The result is an excellent game that reminds you of the old thrill you had as a kid playing Mario’s series.

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