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Sony brings the Aibo Back from the Dead

Sony brings the Aibo Back from the Dead

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In the year 2006, a mock funeral was made for the Sony’Aibo in the pet cemetery at Sony’s headquarters after the firm decided to rest the pet project. Sony was taking a more conservative approach to risk-taking, under their then Chief Executive Sir Howard Stringer. But, Sony in recent times has been on the roll, releasing one innovative product after another. The Xperia Android phone has been competing with other high-end phones in the market.

Aibo Re-launch

Sony on November 1, 2017, decided to introduce their much-loved pet to the public. The Aibo still is very cute and you are always tempted to touch its face. The Aibo through its 1 and 2 axis actuators that make it move along its 22 axes, makes the Aibo very flexible and enhances mobility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is meant to change how machines interact with human beings. Sony, not wanting to be left behind rode on this innovative technology to bring the Aibo back to life. A man has domesticated pets since the Stone Age. But, keeping a pet can be stressing; you have to clean poop, feed and clean it and teach it how to use the toilet. Then after doing all this, the pet finally dies and your life comes crashing around you. With a robot pet, you are assured that the pet might in some instances outlive you.

The Aibo uses AI to recognize faces and is able to learn from its owners. Everything concerning what it learns is stored on Sony’s cloud system. The Aibo is able to interact and share information with other Aibo son their Cloud network. This over time leads to a robot that acts just like your normal pet; it even develops its own unique personality and shows lots of emotion.

Aibo ability to imitate human actions

The Aibo comes with an 802.11b/g/n WiFi and a Sim card slot. This lets you send it messages over your phone. The Aibo recognizes your voice through four microphones and a speaker. With AI, the Aibo can wag its tail when you come back from work, jump when asked to and fetch your ball when playing in the yard. Through the Cloud network the Aibo can respond to different human emotions; like when you are sad it can come and snuggle next to you. In order to adapt to its surroundings, the Aibo uses AI, fisheye cameras, WiFi, Sony’s Cloud computing and GPS for locations.

The Aibos with time blend into their home environments. They will know where the kitchen is, who their owners are and who left unwashed dishes last night. This is due to AI which enables the Aibo to keep adapting and improving. With time you will simply be addicted to the Aibo and it will have become part of the family.

Sony’s relaunch of the Aibo is surely going to rattle the technology market. The big win, however, is for Artificial Intelligence, a technology that will surely change how we humans interact with machines. With the Aibo you get the benefit of a lifetime partner that will be with you for decades without getting old; the Aibo is just simply adorable.

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