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Pokemon Go reveals huge updates!

Pokemon Go reveals huge updates!

AdminJune 27, 20171min1277

Pokemon Go is getting a long-awaited update that could bring the game back to life. With a new gym system and “Raid Battles”, players will have tons of fun playing together!

The creators of the game, Niantic Labs, described the update as the largest in Pokemon Go’s history. They are expecting more than 20,000 players to gather in Chicago during their first real-world event that’s supposed to be held in July.

All the gyms are shutting down at the moment until all updates roll out in the next few weeks. The redesign of the gyms will make them much more interesting and fun to use. Moreover, the company promises some new Legendary Pokemon to appear throughout the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update of the game:

I. Gyms Redesigned

The developers of the game have decided to change the way gyms actually work. Now, the controlling team can fill up to six permanent slots, but only one Pokemon species is allowed per gym.

Moreover, users now battle other Pokemon based on the order they were assigned to the gym and not their CP.

II. Pokemon’s motivation

Pokemon can now leave the gym if they don’t feel motivated to fight. Before this update, Pokemon was kicked out of the gym only after it was taken over by an enemy team.

Now, they have a motivation bar that decreases when they lose battles. When they lose motivation, their CP level also falls so you have to feed them with their favorite berries.

III. PokeStops and Badges

From now on, Gyms act as PokeStops, which means that you can swipe them to earn items.

Gym badges were also improved and now they can be leveled up as you fight in the gym. This would earn you some special items to help you throughout the journey.

IV. Raid Mode

Surely the biggest change in Pokemon Go is the new Raid Battle feature, which allows you to team up with other players in order to fight against some ultra powerful Pokemon at the gym.

All Pokemon in the gym will be returned to their owners when a raid begins at the gym. Over the gym, you will see a large egg with a countdown that shows when the raid will start.

All nearby raid battles will be shown on the map, right next to the Pokemon close to you. To access a raid, you will need a Raid pass. To obtain it, you can receive one free pass a day by visiting a gym, or you can purchase them from the virtual shop. Note that you can possess only one at a time.

Raid battles can consist of up to twenty players and if you succeed to defeat it within five minutes, all players will have the opportunity to catch an extra powerful Pokemon and add it to their collection. After each win, awards will be given to the players such as Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candies and two types of Technical Machines: charged & fast.

Rare candies turn into the Pokemon’s Candy when used on them. Golden Razz Berries will increase your chances of catching a wild Pokemon considerably. Moreover, they can be used to recover the motivation meter of Pokemon assigned to the gym. With the technical machines, you can teach a Pokemon to perform Charged Attack & Fast Attack. 

Not long ago, Niantic released a trailer, which showed players gathering in Times Square to defeat Mewtwo in a Raid Battle. This hints that those battles will be used in the future to catch Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, Entei, Latias, Latios, Giratina, and others. 

We will probably see the full potential of Raid Battles at Pokemon Go’s first real-life event in Chicago on July 22. The tickets are available from June 19, so be sure to grab yours before they finish. This might be the first time that players will encounter a Legendary Pokemon, who knows? 



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