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One Piece Treasure Cruise Game Review

One Piece Treasure Cruise Game Review

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Considering how widely popular the manga and anime are, Bandai Namco decided to invest in that and developed a game revolving around One Piece. One Piece Treasure Cruise is that game and it turned out to be a great success, with millions of downloads from Google Play Store alone.

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What is One Piece Treasure Cruise?

One Piece Treasure Cruise, or commonly called OPTC, is an RPG game that is based on the widely popular manga and anime series One Piece. Following the original storyline, you set out to the high seas in order to become the king of the pirates.

will You be tasked to recruit the strongest and most skilled crew? Your crew, which consists of five people, will be the one to help you fight your every battle. You can recruit crewmates using the rare recruit option or in Extra Isle where you are allowed to recruit some people after you have defeated them.

OPTC’s gameplay is based chiefly upon lively combat and collecting of crewmembers. In the game, you will be able to level up your crew and see them acquire new powers and abilities. Players can play the Story mode, Extra Isle mode, and Treasure Map mode. The Story mode features the same storyline as in the manga and anime, whereas the Extra Isle mode features special events like Clash and Coliseum, where players have a chance to recruit the boss. In comparison to the previous two, players can only play the Treasure Map at certain dates during an event.

Key Features of the Game

Unlike other RPG mobile games, One Piece Treasure Cruise is fast paced and requires the players to deliver their attacks by means of tap timing and chained attacks in a turn-based RPG battle.

If you’re a big fan of the manga or the anime, then you’re going to appreciate all the different and new characters that are being featured in the game, as well as the old ones like Shanks, Rayleigh, and Mihawk, among many others.

The game also features a tag-team combat where you can shift characters during battle. Every character has a set of abilities that a player could use to his/her advantage. These abilities can further be classified into three things: captain ability, special ability, and crewmate ability. The captain ability is only activated if you choose the character as the captain. On the other hand, special abilities can be used by everyone on the crew. Every special ability has its own cooldown period that needs to be met in order for the ability to be used.

Aside from its amazing visuals, interface, and soundtrack, One Piece Treasure Cruise also boasts a well-written storyline that will take you for an epic adventure and lead you into the path of becoming the king of the pirates.

Is it Worth a Shot?

One Piece Treasure Cruise offers a great gameplay and an interesting narrative that even non-One Piece fans will surely appreciate it. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to play something amazing and challenging while trying to pass time. With its tap and combo-based combats, players will surely be engaged and get hooked as they experience the incredible retelling of the One Piece saga.

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