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New Mobile Phones for 2018

New Mobile Phones for 2018

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The world of devices has been making major moves of the last 5 years. There are more and more exclusive options and features available for our daily use of mobile phones. While discovering which ones best for you it boils down to what features are you looking for in your mobile phone?

Below you will find a few new mobile phones for 2018 and their features:

LG V30 & LG V30S (Unlocked)

The LG V30 and LG V30S are both presenting with a sleek thin stylish design. It has several features including a wide angle camera, water resistant, and even finger-print scan. On the upgraded version of the LG V30S, the price is a bit higher of course, and the LG V30’s camera is around the same as the LG V30S. So if you are looking for a great camera the LG V30 model is a top pick, the price you’re going to spend it up to you!

LG V30 & LG V30S (Unlocked)

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ (Unlocked version)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ come in varying colors including Coral blue, lilac purple, burgundy red, and sunrise gold just to name a few. If you are a big camera user and selfie taker you will love the new modes:

  • Selfie focus
  • Selfie
  • Wide Selfie

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a dimension of 5.8” when the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is 6.2”. The S9 has a digital zoom of 8x and the digital zoom on the S9+ is 10x zoom. This is a great camera for anyone who loves taking pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ (Unlocked version)

iPhone X:

While the iPhone X has been a long-awaited design, It still offers the same feature with a few upgrades. The iPhone X camera has 12mp pixels with a 10x zoom on stills, and 6x for videos. It uses a wireless charger and a wireless charging station. Of course, the iPhone X has face ID and even emojis that express your feelings just the way you want it… Any problems contact me.



If a new phone is what you are looking for mobile phones for 2018 are making a big impact in the mobile world. Picking the best phone will vary depending on what you are using it for, and exactly what you must have in your new mobile phone.

Mobile phones have definitely improved over the last 5 to 10 years and are preparing for the wireless age. But don’t take my word for it, just pick it up and take a look for yourself.

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