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Mind-blowing Explanation of What a Bitcoin is, According to an AI

Mind-blowing Explanation of What a Bitcoin is, According to an AI

Jim BevinJune 19, 20182min316

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At the present, I assume that everyone probably has a basic understanding of what a Bitcoin is and how it works, but do you know how an AI would describe Bitcoin and how it usually works? Let’s find out.

A Brief Definition of Bitcoin

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to have been marketed on the Internet. It is also the first decentralized digital currency; it works without a central bank or single administrator.

In simpler words, Bitcoin is a form of electronic cash that is regulated and distributed with encryption methods, then stored on a ledger. It can generally be sent peer-to-peer without the need for a financial intermediary.  Computer networks are known as “miners” solve complex mathematical puzzles in order to verify bitcoin transactions to prevent fraud on the payment network.  In exchange for solving these puzzles, miners are awarded small bitcoin fees for profit.

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A Hilarious Bitcoin Explainer Created by an AI

On YouTube, a hilarious video is slowly gaining popularity on the Internet. The video was uploaded by Botnik Studios and was posted on May 22, 2018. It is 2 minutes and 35 seconds in length and is very entertaining. By the end of the video, surely you will be laughing your head off.

According to the video description, it is supposed to be a “basic stage training” on Bitcoin, but it resulted in almost complete nonsense. The YouTube video focuses on a voice over of the texts that are generated by an AI, which used a predictive keyboard technique that is trained on dozens of Bitcoin explainers.

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What Did it Actually Say?

Here’s the complete transcription of the entire YouTube video:

Narrator: By now, you’ve heard of Bitcoin, the most valuable form of electricity. But what is Bitcoin? As if replacing gold is the most important big deal in history. To understand how Bitcoin transactions are created, randomly pick a number between 1 and 30,000. Now, spend that amount of money on etherion – this is known as “hashing the code” to get some of that Bitcoin. Joe has become popular by typing so much that he is now worth around 500 million Bitcoin. If Alice wants to make huge numbers of money from Joe, Alice can use techniques from calculus to do things like identify 4,096 pizzas and then compute them into her desk drawer. Joe has become polluted; Joe must now leave the public for a full year and join his attorney Michael Marcovici for clarity. This represents 128 stocks of money. This money is converted to viruses living on Alice’s DNA. This virus allows the CIA Chief of Transactions into my brain. This is my brain coming online as I thought about Bitcoin mining, and I knew it was wrong. Despite the risk, one benefit of Bitcoin is that you can upload a version of your future self on the darknet, but it will kill your retirement account because it is over 1,000 years old and has a taste for expensive silver keyboards. To gain access to the blockchain, you can install exploit.bin, and it will remind you every day of your biggest nightmares. The most popular form of Bitcoin is The Wild Richard. It can be used to pay for counterfeit coffee and other forbidden merchandise; however, I guarantee you could make a quick fortune selling the private chat of a federal judge to my grandchildren. Caution: the safest way to protect your Bitcoin wallet is simply to lose it. Just remember the Bitcoin password “pubkeyhash at Bob’s”, and you will get a good deal. More caution: the last time I mined a fresh Bitcoin, billionaire killer, Mark February, tried to patent my life. This was a very basic stage training on Bitcoin. To learn more about how to hack the next big wave of money, I teach a master class on top of the shortest mountain in China. Thank you all for your email addresses. You may now unplug the Internet.

All jokes aside, this is just a funny test of what is commonly known as “Machine Learning.”  Machine Learning is heavily based on statistics and is actually very effective in the real world today.  For example, Google uses machine learning to keep spam out of your inbox every day.  The programming language known as Python is widely used to develop Machine Learning or AI projects.  Hopefully, one day in the future, when AI becomes a serious threat to human brain power, future AI won’t look back at a time when we laughed at its infantile cognitive days like this bitcoin explanation experiment.  In the future, let’s just hope that the joke won’t be on us humans.

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