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Microsoft Edge Launched to Android and IOS Users

Microsoft Edge Launched to Android and IOS Users

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Microsoft launched the browser into the Android market and IOS phones, under the code name Spartan. Microsoft Edge was first shown to the public through a review build up of Windows 10, which happens to be  Windows 10 default browser.  Microsoft Edge is also available on Windows 10 mobile and Xbox One console.

Microsoft  Edge lets you access history, reading list, favorites, and ebooks.You can view a page both from your phone and PC. In case there are those hard to read pages on your mobile you can move them flawlessly to your larger PC screen. You have a built-in QR reader that makes reading e-books easier.

Microsoft Edge has been cleaned up of codes that made its predecessor – Internet Explorer- to be unpopular due to many malware attacks.  It is free of Active X and Visual Basic scripts while they have also blocked Adobe flash from launching automatically. Edge uses EdgeHTML and Chakra Javascript engine that makes it faster to load and makes it compatible with new versions of Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft claims that it is faster than Firefox and chrome, and has a longer battery life of 77 percent longer than Firefox and 35 percent than Chrome.

Both Edge IOS and Android will first be available in English and in the United States. But, Microsoft will expand to more countries and languages as it gets feedback from customers. Some features like roaming passwords and history tabs may not be available initially, may come later. Usage in iPads and Android tablets will be added in later stages.

Edge is very responsive when using it on a tablet as it lets you use your finger on a touchscreen. You can scroll to the left and right and double tap to highlight items. Sharing of items is quite easy, you click the share button, and you have a list of some popular apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana is plugged in Edge making browsing way easier. You will easily find Cortana in the address bar giving out suggestions. In case you stumble on a page where you require more information just launch Cortana, highlight a phrase, then press and hold it; and Cortana will provide you with more info. It will also give you lyrics suggestions when searching for a music video. You also get an alert of available coupons when you are shopping on retail websites.

Microsoft, through Edge, plans to capture the browser market that is currently dominated by Google Chrome and  Mozilla Firefox. The cross share feature will be a key selling point for many Android users. On the browser, it wraps the Webkit browser engine from Safari, while on Android it is built on top of Chromium, which is open source, unlike Apple that excludes third party developments. Microsoft is also rebranding it’s Arrow app to Microsoft Launcher. Some of the expected features will include the ability to pin contacts to your home screen and on a glance view appointments, frequently used apps, and recent documents.

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