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Lawyer’s worst nightmare – Artificial Intelligence

Lawyer’s worst nightmare – Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. Imagine having a program file your taxes, pay court fines and actually win a court case for you. Thanks to AI we are now having auto cars that pick you up and drop you at your destination without a driver. AI uses human recognition software and the more they learn the better they become.

The city of London held lawyers challenge from 20th to 27th October. The challenge pitted lawyers against CaseCrunch, an AI program modified for the legal field.

Challenge between machine and lawyers

The challenge involved 112 lawyers who competed with CaseCrunch in payment protection insurance (PPI). CaseCrunch is an Ai program designed by Cambridge Law students in formulating algorithm based predictions. The lawyers were presented with different scenarios on whether the case would be won or lost based on their legal expertise.

The outcome, out of the 775 predictions, CaseCrunch managed over 86.6 percent correct against 62.3 percent for the lawyers. The challenge was overseen by the Financial Ombudsman Service and judged by a Cambridge Law lecturer.

The results raised questions about whether machines will finally replace humans in the legal field. AI is way faster in making calculations and continuously adapts. With time they will be able to do more functions that were traditionally done by humans.

CaseCrunch- the future legal machine

CaseCrunch -previously called Elixir – had earlier on in August used their Ai machine to give legal counseling to people. It seems they keep improving, leading to the question will they one day overtake humans in providing legal services.

In a press release after the competition Josef Maruscak, the Managing Director for CaseCrunch had this to say:

“We could not be happier with the outcome. We are grateful to all involved parties, especially competing lawyers who were not afraid to participate. We are not necessarily adversaries in this game, the systems like ours can make the legal world more effective for everyone. I am convinced that we have now reached the point where our technology and expertise allow us to satisfy both our vision and our commercial interests. We are looking forward to finding solutions for our clients now.”

The Lawyers were able to log in to the company’s website and make their predictions. The organizers of the challenge said that their intention was not to show whether machines are better than humans but, whether they are equal to the task.

With many industries taking to AI in their products, the legal field is a place to watch. It is to be noted that AI performs better where there are mathematical algorithms. In the field of research, some law firms have resorted to various legal Ai programs to gather facts at faster rates than law interns.

The potential of Ai is enormous and we may not have seen the last of such challenges. Many people still approach Ai with a lot of caution. Which is understandable; Hollywood has often made movies with machines annihilating humans in the near future. But, there is a lot that can be learned and improved on, especially in the field of medical science and the legal field.


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