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Is Your Website Interesting For Customers?

Is Your Website Interesting For Customers?

AdminAugust 23, 20171min2399

The 21st century is a good era to make a killing for your business. You have multiple ways of advertising your gear and acquisition costs are low. On top of that, you could have customers from any end of the earth. All this and more, thanks to the invention of the internet.

Despite being a great place for your business, it can also be the most hostile. Consumers can easily rate your products and websites. These ratings are readily available to other consumers. Suffice to say, the information will spread like wildfire. If you are into photography (professionally or self-trained) and your products are as good as they come, your products would get a welcome boost. Your company having an ugly website will definitely cause a reduction in your sales and revenue. Here are a few tips to make sure your company’s website is interesting for customers:

Product presentation

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Therefore, it’s important for customers to have pictures of your products or services. Without this, you might as well close your business and try your hand at something else.

However, you shouldn’t present the product in a normal or boring way. Try and find an interactive and interesting way to present them. If you sell bags for example: instead of showing pictures of the bag, try and fill the bag with items to show how great it is for consumers.

Customer interaction

Do you want a trick to going viral? Simple, appease the customer. You could do this by Enhancing interactions between the consumer and the company. A great way is to have space on your website where the consumers can rate the products. On top of that, they can leave comments on how you can improve the product.

Better yet, you could give the consumers an opportunity to showcase how they use your product. This gives your brand more credibility while saving you on money spent on models or demonstrators.


The best bet in getting customers hooked to your site is by using professional web designers. They may not come cheap but they know what they’re doing. If you’re really strapped for cash use website builders. These are sites such as Wix or WordPress that allow you to build a website from available templates.

These templates are categorized according to your needs. You get to customize the templates to your tastes. What’s more, you get hosting for your website. The fee for these features and more is minimal or absolutely free.

 List milestones

All websites have an about us page including yours, right? This page doesn’t have to contain generic and boring information. On this page find an interesting way of listing your milestones as a company.

You could start with when your company was formed. Right next to it, you could include why you choose to start the company. A list of your accomplishments over the years could then be chronologically placed. Next, to each accomplishment, explain in a few words what helped your company achieve that particular success. Once a consumer visits your website they will be intrigued and likely to return.

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