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iPhone X – “The smartphone of the future”

iPhone X – “The smartphone of the future”

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We got a chance to look at Apple’s new flagship phone – the iPhone X, which is expected to arrive later this year.

What troubles most people about buying this device is the hefty price of $999. Whether it’s worth it or not, we’re going to leave this decision to you.

The X is an extremely beautiful device that features a stainless steel band, a glass back and a fascinating 5.8-inch OLED display. The screen is slightly bigger than iPhone’s 5.5-inch Plus-size, a bit thicker and less slippery than its predecessor.

The Cupertino-based company represented their “Super Retina Display” with 1125 x 2436 pixels of resolution, which is currently the highest-density screen ever implemented on an iPhone. Of course, Apple hasn’t omitted the 3D Touch feature and they have added True Tone automatic calibration for better visuals.

The Screen & Face ID

The phone’s display is the center of the focus with the iPhone X. Due to its design, Apple had to ditch the Home button, which became an integral part of the brand throughout the years.

Apple has focused their energy on creating a wonderful user experience with their latest iOS that would make the transit more natural. The Face ID Authentication looks absolutely fascinating, but whether it works perfectly as shown by Apple’s demo assistants, we’re about to learn in the upcoming months when the first clients start receiving their devices.

The new authentication system was made possible due to the TrueDepth camera system implemented at the top of the screen. At the same place, you can find the IR depth camera and a projector that throws about 30,000 infrared dots on your face.

According to Apple, the phone won’t unlock if you are not paying attention and when your eyes are closed. This means that the phone understands when you want it locked or not. The system learns your face and knows whether it’s you or not even if you are wearing glasses, hats or you’ve changed your hairstyle. Moreover, the system can’t be fooled with a photo of you. All in all, the system looks far more sophisticated than the ones we know about.

The lack of a home button means that there are new interface features you need to get the hang of. To wake up your phone, all you have to do is tap the screen or pick it up. Swiping up used to open the Control Center before, but now it helps you multitask. For the purpose, you swipe up to go home, then swipe up and hold to enter the app switcher. To open the Control Center, you have to swipe down from the right top edge. For notifications, swipe down from the top left corner.

For Apple Pay, you have to double-click the larger side button, authenticate with Face ID and then point the device to the reader.

Front Camera

The front camera now offers a variety of features, including animated emojis that react to your emotions. You can even control the new and even more fascinating filters in Snapchat.

The rear camera is the same as the dual-camera of the iPhone 8 Plus. It has a dual-lens camera with a brighter f/2.4 telephoto lens.

The back of the photo is a combination of glass and metal with dust and water resistance, including a wireless charging feature based on the Qi standard. For the moment, Apple is selling charging pads from other brands until the new AirPower hits the store next year.

According to company representatives, the iPhone X lasts two hours longer than iPhone. They claim that the A11 Bionic chip with two cores is showing incredible performance.

Just like we thought, there’s no headphone jack so you better start saving for Beats X or AirPods. The iPhone X will arrive in November and we can finally but Apple’s claims to a test.

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