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iPhone X Review: is it really Apple’s Best Flagship Phone?

iPhone X Review: is it really Apple’s Best Flagship Phone?

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If you’re planning on buying an iPhone X, I suggest that you read this article first. After almost a year that it was released, do you know how most people perceive the iPhone X, which Apple believes to be their best smartphone yet?

Well, to answer that question, the iPhone X isn’t all that bad but it isn’t all that good either. Yes, it certainly has all its good sides, but there are also some things that make some people shake their heads and wonder why they ever paid so much for the said device.

Apple believes to be their best smartphone

So, why do they think so?

The Face ID feature didn’t live up to expectations

Despite all the hype about the iPhone X’s face recognition technology, or what they call Face ID, it isn’t as great as what the California-based technology giant led us to believe.

Perhaps it’s because people have gotten so used to the old way that the iPhone works. Instead of creating a more magical user experience for its users, the iPhone X surprisingly ruined the user experience instead.

The thing that is most frustrating about the Face ID is the fact that when it doesn’t work, users have to key in their passcode, which is both startling and unpleasant. Even though it is mostly good, Face ID is still materially worse compared to Touch ID, which was the fingerprint system that Apple used in older versions of the iPhone.

Simply put, Touch ID was quicker and more consistent in virtually every situation as opposed to Face ID.

iPhone X’s face recognition technology

The iPhone X user experience is a major disappointment

Additionally, the user experience for the iPhone X is actually a major step backward and causes frustrations for many. In order to unlock the phone, you first have to raise the phone to your face (which is called “raise to wake”) so that the phone can recognize you and finally swipe up to reach the Home screen.

The process typically takes around 2 to 4 seconds if all is working properly; however, most of the time it doesn’t (because of notifications on the lock screen) and so you’d have to swipe 2 or 3 more times to get to the home screen.

When compared to the way we unlock the previous iPhone models, that is, pressing the iconic physical Home button, the new approach seems to be a lot slower, inefficient, and inconvenient. For people who check their phone multiple times a day, this definitely sounds like a hassle.

 iPhone X user experience is a major disappointment

It’s a lot more difficult to navigate through the device

It has become quite difficult and awkward to navigate around the iPhone X. Instead of swiping up from the bottom, users now need to swipe down from the top right edge, which honestly is hard to do with just one hand operating the device.

Also, the new navigation gesture of swiping up from the bottom in order to close an application is quite tricky, especially on applications where you need to do a lot of swiping. Instead of just swiping to make that turn, you might accidentally switch or close the application instead

One last thing that is disappointing about the iPhone X is its susceptibility to breakage. In fact, according to some sources, the device can easily break at a single three-foot drop, which is way worse than its predecessors. SquareTrade even called the iPhone X as the most breakable iPhone they’ve ever tested.

Overall, I think that the iPhone X is a pretty good phone, owing to its super nice camera and a sizeable battery life. However, for the price of $999, I think that most people were somehow expecting for more.

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