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IoT (The Internet of Things) in 2018

IoT (The Internet of Things) in 2018

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IoT (The Internet of Things) is a term that has been floating around as early as 1999. But it seems that 2018 may be the year where IoT finally reaches new heights regarding innovation and adoption.

In this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), IoT takes the spotlight as the center of innovative tech on display.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to the connected network [1] between physical devices such as cars, home appliances that allows the exchange of data.

For example, as you drive home from work, your car can tell your TV to switch to your favorite channel so you can watch it the moment you open the door. Of course, the application of IoT technology can go beyond that.

IoT has seen widespread adoption within the past two years. Cities are using sensors, smart meters and big data analytics to improve utility services, water management, waste management, transportation services and parking. Healthcare companies are deploying wearables and embedded devices to gather real-time data about their patients and deliver timely, life-saving care.

The IoT is becoming essential to business, and ubiquitous enough that you’re probably regularly interacting with it, even if you don’t know it.

With the IoT taking off in the near future, you’ll be glad to know that you can experience the wonders of IoT today with these devices:

Nest Thermostat

The nest is a thermostat that learns. It knows what temperature you like and turns itself down when you are away and has remote control through WiFi. According to their website [2], Nest has helped save billions of kWh of energy across millions of homes with this technology.

Quirky+GE Aros smart air conditioner

Strange name aside, the Aros [3] is smart, affordable air conditioning system that is an excellent alternative to the Nest system without the Nest price tag.

It learns from your budget, location, schedule, and usage to automatically maintain the perfect temperature and maximize savings for your home. What’s more, it can be controlled from anywhere using the Wink app on your mobile device.

Sonos One Music System

The Sonos One [4] music system is the compact, surprisingly powerful wireless speaker with deep, crystal clear HiFi sound. Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It can connect to Amazon’s Echo, and unites your digital music collection in one app that you can control from any device.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Samsung joins the IoT game with its series of smart fridges [5]. With yearly updates, Samsung has integrated mobile phone technology with Samsung Smart Fridgerators to bring online connectivity to a whole new level. It’s like having a supercomputer in your kitchen.

Amazon Echo

Undoubtedly the most famous product to come out of the IoT buzz, Amazon Echo [6] is a range of smart speakers comes with an intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant Alexa that can help you check the weather, to making restaurant reservations.

Final Thoughts

Although still in its infancy, The Internet of Things is growing. 2018 looks to be an exciting year for IoT. Fortunately, we already have many cool IoT devices to improve our lives, before the real IoT future arrives.

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