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How to fix iOS 11 issues on iPhone’s Battery?

How to fix iOS 11 issues on iPhone’s Battery?

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The most crucial technology to any device is not the screen size or quality. It is not the storage capacity or its cloud services. It is the battery technology of it. This is for the reason that without the battery, even your phone is advanced, it will not run. Without it, your phone will be useless.

IOS 11 Issue on Battery

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IOS 11 is the newest running smartphone software of Apple’s smartphones. It is already installed in not less than the quarter of all the existing iPhone in the whole world. However, it’s not all good news for all the users who have already installed it. Some experience slower performance in their smartphones. Some also experience some battery issues because of the latest OS for iPhones.

Even though Apple will improve some other stuff in the iOS 11, some of you will surely be living with the worse battery life in your devices.

Radical Approach in Dealing with the Issue

If your device is getting worse and worse, buying a new one will be a good idea. This is not for those who have latest iPhones but for those who still have lower versions of iPhone that uses old hardware. The older the hardware and the battery, the worse their performance could be.

If this solution is not okay for you then you might want to just purchase an external battery. With this, your battery problems may be fixed. Some people are not experiencing some issues in their smartphone since they use external batteries.

Here are some more tips that can make your iOS 11 battery drain less

  • Turning on Auto-Brightness –device brightness that is increased consumes a lot of battery power. This is probably because the extra light needed in illuminating the screen requires a lot more energy. This could lead to a faster draining of the battery and the turning the Auto-Brightness feature can be the solution for this.
  • Enabling Low Power Mode –this is the most suggested way to help save your iPhone’s battery. This suspends things like background application refresh, mail fetching, auto downloads, etc.
  • Stopping the Motion Effects –the slightly moving icons and notifications in iOS can also lessen the battery life. By turning it off, you can save battery life.
  • Disabling Dynamic Backgrounds –this is yet another motion feature of iOS. These are some wallpapers that move in various ways. However, just like the Motion Effects, it also eats up the battery life of your device.
  • Manual Reducing of the Screen Brightness –if the Auto Brightness is not okay for your device, you can manually reduce the screen brightness in the settings of your device. In this method, you will be setting the maximum value of the screen brightness and allows you to do a lot more to save extra battery life.
  • Turning off the 4G network –the 4G network is undeniably consuming a lot more battery power than that of the 3G. It is better to turn off this feature to be able to not waste some of the device’s battery life.
  • Preventing Background App Refresh –the background app refresh is an iOS feature that allows the applications to know that you are frequently checking them.


Even though there are issues that stick in the name of iPhone iOS 11 now, we can assure that they’ll be able to manage it. Because of the rapid advancement of technology the Apple has, it is not hard for them to do that.

Anyone shouldn’t be worried about the issues that come with their devices. There are solutions to it and the above-mentioned are just a few. There are more to that you can use in solving everything on your phone.

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