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Google Launches PixelBook

Google Launches PixelBook

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This is Google’s come back to the laptop market after it discontinued the Chrome book pixel in 2016. The Pixelbook comes at a price of $999 which puts it in the same price range with Asus laptops. The Pixel book comes packed with extra features and a sleek design.

The Pixel book runs on Chrome OS that handles most Android apps. The laptop is ultra-thin at 10mm and weighs under two and a half pounds with the ability to be converted to a tablet. It is made of aluminum with a glass shade where the WIFI antenna is, this lets wireless signals in. It also comes with a rubbery silicon pad that allows you to rest your wrists when typing; it is also very comfortable.

Another cool feature is the Fanless seventh generation Intel I core 5 with 128GB of ram, which is an upgrade from the previous 16 GB – though you get additional storage on Google Drive. Google claims that the battery can run for up to 10 hours, which is quite good for watching movies. This is powered by quadruple A batteries.  Buttons are designed like in a phone with power and volume button on the left; the volume keys are also duplicated on the keyboard.  You can also fold it like a tent when watching movies.

The Pixel comes with USB – C ports for saving files and charging your phone. For music lovers, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has an optional digital pen that is easy to use, though there is no port to hold it. This may pose problems as it can be easily lost. The pen works like a finger, letting you scroll web pages and rearrange windows. You will also notice that there is a very little delay when drawing a shape and the lines appearing on the screen. The $99 price tag makes this a very costly pen when lost.

The Pixelbook has a 12.2-inch screen with a backlit keyboard that is very easy to type on. The glass trackpad, which supports three finger gestures is easy to use and scrolls well. It comes with touch processing algorithms that improve palm rejection.

Google Assistant is also installed and helps you navigate the Pixelbook. This is located where you would normally find the window key, between the Ctrl and Alt key; pops up just like in the windows start menu. You can use the Google microphone to ask queries. Google has very powerful microphones.

For security, it, unfortunately, does not have a fingerprint scanner, but you can use your Android phone to unlock the laptop. With a Pixel phone, you can tether directly.

Google plans on targeting the student market who was on Google Chrome OS, which was serving most of the education market. The chrome book commanded a whopping 58 percent market share in schools. This is meant to be a premium upgrade with better performance.

Google Pixelbook scores well on hardware and the laptop feels and looks good. The 1,000 dollar price tag is a bit hard to justify when you consider that the notebook has nothing else but Chrome OS. This limits what you can do with it.

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