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Google Docs Finally Features an AI Grammar Checker

Google Docs Finally Features an AI Grammar Checker

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One of the things that we are secretly terrified of, whether we are writing an email or a blog post or just simply posting something online, is making a grammar mistake. We cautiously double check everything before we submit or post them, but they do occasionally slip in. Your standard spell checker won’t even be able to identify them unless you use an extension tool like Grammarly.

Well, you are about to read some good news because Grammarly is getting another competition in the form of new machine learning-based grammar checker from Google that is soon going live in Google Docs.

Importance of Writing with Proper Grammar

Before that, let’s find out what’s really the importance of writing with proper grammar. Using correct grammar not only helps a person communicate more efficiently and accurately, but it also contributes to building up his confidence and helps him to avoid embarrassment.

Also, most people may have already realized this, but speaking or writing with proper grammar is globally regarded as an indicator of intelligence. The use of proper grammar also makes the speaker or writer exude professionalism and credibility. On the other hand, constant grammar errors could indicate that a person is not highly educated or intelligent.

Sometimes, a person’s grammar error could also lead to a different meaning than what was intended. One little word or placement of a word could entirely change the meaning of what was conveyed. So, it is imperative that we be effective in using proper grammar to express our thoughts.

Importance of Writing with Proper Grammar

Google Docs Grammar Suggestions

That’s where Google Docs now come in. Its newest feature, which is called Grammar Suggestions, is able to recognize grammatical errors while also offering suggestions to help refine your writing. The feature will be available first for G Suite business accounts before it will be made available for all Google Docs users sometime in the future.

“Grammar Suggestions” is powered by what is basically a machine translation algorithm that can identify errors and also suggest corrections in real time. The company says that grammar suggestions can spot anything; from incorrect use of articles (“a” instead of “the”) to more complex problems like subject and pronoun disagreement or subject and verb disagreement.

According to Google, there are two ways to check your grammar using Grammar Suggestions: automatic suggestions and running a spelling and grammar check through the tools menu.

When a potential grammar correction is identified, an underline will be placed on the word so that users could check it. Users can then right-click to see the correction that was suggested, or they could choose to dismiss the alert.

Google Docs Grammar Suggestions

Other Things to Look Forward from Google

As expected, Google is also exploring to push its AI capabilities to other products. Smart Replies, which is a feature that debuted for Gmail, is one such product of Google.

Smart Replies, which is featured in some of Google applications, are short messages that are automatically generated in response to messages that you receive. A perfect example of Smart Replies is the suggested quick replies that are offered on Gmail.

Smart Compose, which guesses the next word or phrase as you type an email, is another AI-powered product of Google. Smart Compose is able to suggest complete sentences when you type an email so that you can draft emails from scratch faster and with ease.

Amidst the wide acceptance of texting and verbal slang, it is still important to keep using proper grammar because that will set you apart in a more professional setting. There are lots of things that you can do to sharpen your grammar skills, such as getting a tutor or hiring a grammarian, but there is still one universal way that won’t cost you a dime: to read, write, listen, and practice English every day.

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