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Few Tricks That Would Free Your iPhone Storage

Few Tricks That Would Free Your iPhone Storage

AdminDecember 2, 20171min1019

As you might already know, there are dozens of ways to free storage on your iPhone device, and in this article, we have covered some of the easiest tricks that you might not know yet!

First thing first, for those who can afford it, we highly recommend purchasing the highest storage capacity as you will eventually need it. Here are some new tricks that will clean up your precious storage.

  1. High-efficiency photos

If you have the new iOS 11 installed on your iPhone 7 or newer, then you can enable the “High Efficiency” compression format. It will save your photos in this format (HEIF), instead of JPEG. This way, you will be able to store twice as many photos. According to our sources, a file can be compressed up to 80%.

To enable the feature go to Settings > Camera > Formats and there will be two options: “High Efficiency” & “Most compatible”. Note that this feature can only be enabled on devices with the iOS 11.

The greatest disadvantage of the compressing is that it’s not supported on all devices and you will need a conversion tool for the purpose.

  1. Delete photos & videos in Messages

If you are frequently using Messages, then you must have lots of photos and videos sent back and forth as well. The bad news is that each and every attachment takes space on your phone as it most often duplicates the file you already have.

To delete the photo, you will have to go to each one and click “Delete Message” singlehandedly. However, Apple has thought about it. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > “Review Large Attachments”. By clicking this, you will receive a list of all attachments. Tap “Edit” and then select those you wish to delete.

If you are an iPhone X user, then the Animoji might have taken a large chunk of your free storage. You will find the animated videos in the same place saved as video files.

III. Delete messages automatically

What makes Snapchat such a popular application is the fact that it deletes every message after it was opened, saving a great deal of storage.

However, your Messages won’t be deleted unless you set them to expire automatically after a certain period of time. To enable the feature go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. From this tab, you can choose between keeping them forever, one year or 30 days.

Within the same page, you can set automatic deletion for audio messages as well. You can set the expiration time to two minutes and never worry about them taking space.

  1. “Offload Unused Apps”

A completely new feature for the iOS 11, that allows you to offload unused applications. It can be enabled from Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Turning it on means that your iPhone will delete unused applications when your storage is low. This means that all applications or games that you’ve never used will be removed.

Note that, the data in the applications will remain the same, so you will have all the information if you decide to download them once more.

  1. Cached App Data

Most application cache lots of data in order to launch faster and load everything inside them. However, caching takes a lot of space. Deleting those files could regain you lots of space.

Few Tricks That Would Free Your iPhone StorageTo delete the cache, then go to the applications and clean your Media & Web storage.

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