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Facebook is now trying to match blood donors with people in need

Facebook is now trying to match blood donors with people in need

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Facebook is more than a social platform that helps people connect with each other. It is something that can be considered a phenomenon as it is getting involved more and more with every aspect of our life. The developers at the company, however, are trying to exploit all the benefits of its global nature by helping people out one way or another. The Silicon Valley giant rolled out a new feature recently that helps blood donors reach people in India who need it.

On October 1st, India’s National Blood Donor Day, Facebook will allow users to sign up as donors and it will be visible at their timeline’s. After that, it will allow people or organizations in seek of donors to request blood. These posts will be geo-targeted to allow individuals from reaching the closest donor.

When donors accept the request, the other side will be able to contact them privately via a phone call, Messenger or WhatsApp.

According to company’s representatives, the feature can save people as India is facing blood shortage. Statistics show that more than 40,000 donations a day are required to fill the deficit for millions of surgeries carried out in the country.

The feature is expected to roll out for Android apps and the mobile web versions so that it can allow all Indians to use it while interacting with Facebook.

If you are located in India and you wish to help, then go to facebook.com/donateblood and sign up for the cause.

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