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Have you ever wondered how Reddit would look like if it was in dark mode? Now, you don’t have to wonder because Reddit is finally rolling out a top-requested feature among its users: native night mode.

Reddit Introduces Native Dark Mode

It was first announced on Reddit’s blog post that the desktop night mode theme is now available for everyone to use, after being rolled out to employees for testing a few months ago. Native night mode offers users a black theme rather than the classic white; it’s an option that is suited for those who enjoy browsing late into the night.

Reddit notes that night mode already exists in its native mobile applications and also in the old desktop webpage by using the Reddit Enhancement Suite browser extension.

The Reddit team also shared some details about what it took to develop the theme. To be more specific, the company had to unify the way the colors are displayed both on the site and in the application.

Reddit Native Dark Mode

How to Enable Native Night Mode?

If Reddit’s new redesign is already updated in your desktop, then accessing the feature is pretty straightforward; just go to the top right of your screen in your desktop web browser, click on your username, then click on the toggle for native night mode in the drop-down menu.

For those who are still on the older Reddit design, you can simply access the native night mode by updating into the new layout. In order to do so, go to the Options tab in your Preferences. Next, scroll down to “beta options”, then click the box that says “I would like to beta test features for Reddit” and hit “save options”. Now, a new option will appear for “use the redesign as my default experience”.  Tick this option, mash the “save options” button, and then you’re all set to try out the native night mode for Reddit.

How to Enable Native Night Mode

Why Choose Native Night Mode?

Well, if you could still remember, Twitter already introduced a night mode for its desktop site back in 2017, whereas YouTube started to roll out a dark mode on its mobile applications on iOS and Android just March of this year.

I think it is a good option to have for people who find browsing in a white theme much harsher on their eyes, especially at night. In fact, it is common knowledge that browsing websites with particularly bright color schemes late at night can be very uncomfortable as it can cause strain in the eyes. Some people also find that the bright colors negatively impact the quality of their sleep, especially for those who tend to bring their devices to bed.

In a recent blog post, Reddit said: “The design team worked hard on creating a smaller color system, using one already in place for our native mobile applications as a basis. This has also allowed us to guarantee that the experience was consistent over all our platforms. It has also improved the precision for our colors since relying on a key that automatically changes with native night mode removes the probability of overlooking how a component should look in native night mode.”

Native Night Mode

AdminDecember 11, 2017


Recently, Google released their stylish and comfortable set of wireless headphones – The Pixel Buds. Even though they rank highly on our list, there are some limitations that prevent them from hitting the top spot.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the device is that the Google Assistant runs only with Android Marshmallow or higher. Fast pairing over Bluetooth works only on devices with Android Oreo or Nougat. Not only that, but the device’s most notable feature that translates a foreign language directly is limited to Google Pixel & Pixel 2 phones. So we have some unique features, but the limitations are killing the fun with the device.

However, if you are an owner of a new Android smartphone and you are sick of cables, then Google’s first wireless earbuds might be the right for you.


The earbuds come in a fabric enclosure that’s used as a charging base as well. They can be easily stored in the pocket and it’s easy to pull them out of the case, but then you have to careful when fitting them inside because they have a braided cable. Note that the Pixel Buds aren’t completely wireless such as the Apple AirPods.

To connect the device to your phone, you have to enable the Bluetooth on your phone and you will be ready to go.

The Pixel Buds can be placed in the outer ear, which allows noise from the reality to mix with your music. So, if you are looking to concentrate on a task by listening to music, those earbuds aren’t the one for you. Moreover, Google hasn’t included a clip on the cord to attach to your clothing.

To operate with those headphones, all you have to do is tap on the right earbud to perform one of the following tasks: answer a call, pause or play. To raise the volume you have to swipe forward and reverse the action if you’d like to lower it. By double tapping it, you can check your notifications or listen to your upcoming calendar events.

For the Google Assistant feature, you have to hold a finger on the right earbud and let it go when you are finished with the command. It’s suitable for responding to messages, switching songs, and much more.

Connecting them with other devices such as Apple ones requires pressing a button located inside the case of the headphones to enable pairing mode. It’s fast but not as intuitive as Apple’s Airports.


Looking at the Pixel Buds as wireless headphones only, the performance is quite pleasant. In terms of sound quality, you will be delighted, but you have to position them properly inside your ear to achieve the ideal sound.

The battery life is just as advertised by the company for up to five hours of continuous use per charge. If you are using them more rarely for messages and phone calls, then the battery can reach up to eight hours. Moreover, the case allows 24-hours recharging time, so that’s a great advantage.

What makes them unique is the Google Translate feature that would translate almost any foreign language into your native one. If you need to speak with somebody, it will decode their language directly into your Pixel Buds, which is fascinating.

However, the microphones of the device had a trouble understanding our commands when we tried using Google Assistant on crowded streets. Not only that, but it requires an internet connection and you can’t change your songs directly if you don’t.

All in all

Google’s latest headphones aren’t perfect like their competitors, but they rank highly when it comes to sound and battery. They are suitable for Google’s latest devices, but if you are an individual who constantly changes their devices, then you are going to have a hard time with them.

The Google Assistant needs a lot of work as well and you can’t customize the gestures required to perform actions. Yeah, the Translating feature is unique, but it’s not enough to put these earbuds above others. Individuals keen on Apple products would never switch their AirPods for these and there are many other brands that provide much more customer’s satisfaction at lower prices when it comes to wireless headphones.

AdminOctober 12, 2017


Pixel Google new phone

Google has unveiled new versions of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones that are expected to bring competition to iPhone users, who may be fed up with their OS. The Pixel 2 entry-level price is at $649 but for the 128 GB Pixel 2 XL it shoots up to $949; there is also no expandable memory so choose wisely when making a decision when buying the two.  What differentiates the two is a larger screen and bigger battery in the Pixel XL. The phones are designed for those who want a simple, premium phone.

Pixel 2 runs on Google Android Oreo Software with an edge to edge screen; the phone has surprisingly no headphone jack. Pixel 2 is taller and thinner than it’s predecessor, but they also have the same weight. The phone has an aluminum back that is very easy to hold. The bottom bezel can be used to front stereo speakers enhancing your music experience.

You can submerge the phone to a level of one meter for 30 minutes due to the inclusion of IP67 dust and water resistance. This is a pretty cool feature among the younger generation who would want to floss it to their friends. You also get a Gorilla touch resistant screen with greater color dimensions. This makes for one the best screens in the market. The resolution on the screen is quite good, especially when you are watching Netflix, Amazon videos and Youtube which are supported through HDR.

Google is renowned for its software development platforms, and The Pixel phones ride on this fact. The new phones come packed with some cool artificial intelligence recognition software. Like the popular Google lens

Google has developed a really fast phone with a Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM, which puts it on par with the Samsung Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3 and the HTC 10. Though, it would have been better for Google to get the upgraded Snapdragon 835 that is rumored to offer 27 percent better performance and is more efficient by up to 30 Percent. You are able to play games, run applications and scroll Google’s Chrome without that drag in loading from similar phones.

The Phones come with Google Assistant, which lets you do a lot of cool stuff through voice commands. You can set your alarm, schedule a meeting and ask Google assistant to dial your dad. Google assistant is so much, efficient at grasping what someone has to say than Siri in Apple phones.

The Camera in the Pixel is probably one of the best in the market; you have a 12-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash, a 1.55- micro pixel with a f/20 lens and laser autofocus. You also get face detection autofocus and a faster HDR. The Camera takes amazing photos at night, and in areas, with low lighting, thanks to the dual LED flash. There is also a particular aspect of depth in the photos with the phone capturing a lot of details in the background. The fast processor and a fantastic OS ensures that you load the camera in seconds.

You will also be able to take perfect crisp videos shot in 4k, thanks to a gyroscope that ensures you produce videos that appear very realistic. You also have an 8-megapixel selfie camera that produces cutting-edge photos thanks largely to auto HDR+ and the f/24 aperture. You can upload these photos for free to Google photos.

Google has also introduced something called Motion photos that lets you create 3 second short videos and then bring them to life. Google has merged its dual pixel technology with its image processing so as to create really awesome 3D modeling into their camera view.

For security, you have an improved fingerprint sensor that is very responsive and fast.  This will be a key selling point to its competitors like iPhone X that ditched its Touch ID.

Google Pixel 2 and XL are definitely going to cause a stir in the high-end phone market. The Pixel 2 is a good improvement over the previous model. With a cutting-edge camera – probably the best in the market, Google will undoubtedly outsell its competitors. The battery life may raise eyebrows as Google has cut off 70mAh from the previous model.

AdminMarch 29, 2017


Recently, the OnePlus 3T was revealed, and the engineers declared that they have managed to fix some major issues on the previous model. You will receive a far better performance with an improved battery life and a new storage option. All of these come with a reasonable price tag for the end consumers.


The OnePlus 3T 64 GB model starts at $439, and it used to cost $399 before the update. If you are a person who likes to take more photos, then you can go with the 128GB storage option, which will cost you around $479.

The model was released in the United States on November 22, while European consumers had to wait six more days until the 28th.


The design is completely the same as OnePlus 3, including weight and size. It features a full-metal design, and it comes in a new soft gold color, which looks just astonishing. Moreover, it has a mute button, which is something new for this brand.

The front offers a 5.5-inch full HD AMOLED display and a stylish fingerprint button below the screen. It takes only three seconds to unlock you phone, which is much faster than with the previous model.

With the AMOLED Display, the phone was kept as slim as possible, while maintaining the same fantastic colors.

On the left side of the phone, you will find the notification slider and volume rocker. With the notification slider, you can set priority notifications or silent all. It is really something that the fans of the brand appreciate.

On the right side is the lock/power key, similar to the iPhone, and right below it is the SIM tray, which can handle up to two cards. The bottom consists of a headphone jack, speakers, and the widely used USB-C port. It looks like that OnePlus aren’t ready to take the required step and ditch the 3.5mm jack. Users reveal that the design is quite flawless and the phone fits perfectly in the palm, making it easier to use.


The OnePlus 3T has improved its rear camera to 16MP, and it now offers some great features such as AutoFocus, Dynamic De-noise, HDR & Phase Detection, which make the pictures quite amazing.

The front camera isn’t bad at all with its 8MP, which shoot simply great selfies.


The owners of OnePlus put all their efforts to make the new 3T model one of their most powerful ones with a Snapdragon 820 processor and a 6GB of RAM. This makes the phone perfect for multitasking, photo editing, and gaming.

Company representatives claim that the third-generation of their phone provides a 35% performance increase and 40% graphic boost.


The new model of the company comes with a 3,000 mAh battery, which is smaller than the predecessors and it isn’t enough to get you through the day if you are an active phone user.

OnePlus have revealed its exclusive product Dash Charge, which allows you to charge your phone up to 60% in thirty minutes. Moreover, the engineers have decided to shift the main power regulator to the plug block to reduce the amount of heat generated through the process.


What surprises me is that the Chinese startup prefers to listen to their users and they have put a lot of efforts to eliminate the issues within the previous model.

A huge setback for many users is the lack of a microSD slot for the individuals who wish to upgrade their memory. We also believe that the Chinese owners should consider improving their battery, or else you have to bring your USB and Dash Charger with you everywhere.

All in all, it’s an excellent smartphone sold at a reasonable price, which provides all the required features for the end consumers. If you are looking for an affordable phone, which offers fantastic camera and excellent performance, then this is your perfect choice.

AdminFebruary 28, 2017


Samsung reveals its latest tablet at the Mobile World Congress

Over the weekend, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung revealed its new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Samsung Galaxy Book. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a looks to be a competitor to the iPad, the Galaxy Book seems to take on Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Samsung has traditionally been a leader in the tablet and “phablet” space along with its rival Apple.

However, over the past few years, Samsung has seen its share of the tablet market eroded with the success of companies like Huawei and Amazon who offer high-performance tablets at budget prices. Also partly to blame are the larger sizes of phones on offer from major manufacturers that have essentially blurred the line between the phone and tablet. This erosion in market share is reflected in the 17% year on year drop in Samsung’s tablet shipments in 2016.

The specification of the Tab 3, that were revealed at the Mobile World Congress yesterday reflect a renewed focus by Samsung on the premium end of the tablet market offering higher performance and utility.


There are significant improvements in the Tab 3 from its predecessor. For starters, the Tab 3 runs the latest Android 7.0 Nougat and also comes with an “S-Pen” for quickly jotting things down or for artistic endeavors. The S-Pen has been overhauled with a smaller 0.7mm tip and higher pressure sensitivity. There is also a keyboard on offer for the Tab S3, though it is only available as an additional purchase. The Tab 3 also comes with some cool features to appeal to the geek in all of us, with new biometric authentication to log-in. However, if it will succeed in finding mass appeal is another question.


The Galaxy Tab 3 comes with an HDR Ready 9.7 inch Super AMOLED display and supports videos in HDR. The Tab 3 features a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. It’s not the best camera specifications on the market, but it will do for most of the customers who use the Tab 3. It also comes with expandable storage, quick charge and additionally supports twelve hours of battery life.


One of the most interesting things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is that it’s the first Samsung tab to feature quad stereo speakers. The speaker’s output rotates for landscape and portrait use of the Tab giving you the best audio experience no matter how you choose to use it.

This enhanced audio system is partly due to Samsung’s renewed focus on the Gaming on its Tab 3 platform. The Tab 3 comes with a Vulkan API for awesome graphics and also comes with the game launcher which allows for enhanced interfacing with games. This is guaranteed to improve the gaming experience on the Samsung Tab 3.


All in all, the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 is a great upgrade from the tablets currently on offer in the market. It’s premium specifications such as the AMOLED screen, enhanced audio and overall performance make the Tab 3 one of the best tablet options out there.

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