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Just a few years back, it would have been hard to think that a mindfulness app would end up being a big hit among users and, in turn, could convince investors to invest.

Last year, Calm, a meditation app, was named Apple’s app of the year and is ranked 50th among top grossing iOS apps. Now, the company, which has raised only $1.5 million in seed financing, is being rewarded by investors.

What is the Calm App?

Calm is the number one app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your everyday life. Calm started as a website that plays relaxing sounds and videos, but now it’s a full-fledged meditation app for both iOS and Android.

Like Headspace, the Calm app has a series of guided meditations that you can do for free, which is called the Seven Days of Calm.

The app, which contains the initial Seven Days of Calm, unguided sessions, some guided sessions, and tracking features, has no cost. However, one could opt to subscribe in order to gain access to the entire Calm catalog.

The subscription cost is $12.99 per month. Users could also choose other payment options, such as $59.99 per year and a lifetime subscription for a cost of $299.99.

Calm Offerings to Subscribers

So, what do subscribers get for paying $60 per year? A calm subscription provides the user with access to the company’s full library of content on their website and in the calm app, as well as all new features and content that they release while the user’s subscription is active.

The subscription also includes the Daily Calm sessions that company release every

Calm sleep stories that they update on a weekly basis

day, as well as the Sleep Stories that they update on a weekly basis.

Additionally, the paid offering includes audio programs such as 7 Days of Sleep and 21 Days of Calm, which guide users through 10 to 15 minutes of sessions every day, to relieve stress and anxiety.

Investors to Invest in Calm

Following Calm’s success during the chaotic and stressful 2017, investors are now trying to invest in this San Francisco-based company.

Recently, Calm announced that it was able to raise $27 million in Series A funding at a $250 million pre-money valuation, which was led by Insight Venture Partners with special participation from Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures and singer Harry Styles.

Invest in Calm

Since Insight is well-known for making later-stage bets, one could see how Calm has rapidly grown. Calm has more than tripled its sales last year and was generating a $40 million in annual revenue by December 2017.

Now, Calm plans to use this new funding that it acquired to increase its international expansion route and to further its mission to make the world happier and healthier.

No one could have guessed that these unexpected and recent developments would happen, but thanks to an increasing focus on mental health from both start-up companies and larger ones, companies like Calm are now catching the enthusiasm of investors.

AdminJune 8, 2018


With the way the world of technology is advancing today, it isn’t so surprising to hear about someone finding their true love online. In fact, since online dating sites and apps have rapidly gained fame, we all know at least one person who has found love through the Internet.

And obviously, because of this trend, various online dating sites and apps have begun crowding on the Internet. It is, of course, a bit scary to sign up for an online dating site because one might worry about the trust and security aspects, not to mention that some of these online dating sites require a subscription fee. But contrary to popular belief, there are some online dating sites that are privacy-safe and surprisingly free, including Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Tastebuds, Passion Network, and DateMySchool, to name a few.

Facebook Announces Dating Feature

During Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg, who co-founded Facebook and is currently leading it as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, talked about how Facebook is developing a proprietary dating app separate from the rest of Facebook’s products; a new feature that will only be visible to non-friends who also opted into dating.

“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships and not just for hook-ups,” Zuckerberg told the audience, explaining that the opt-in feature will allow users to build and share a separate dating profile.

With the way Facebook has collected data on every user, “a dating tool has always seemed the next logical step,” Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, said.

How Will This New Feature Work?

First of all, users can opt-in to create a profile with just their first name. Their profile won’t be visible to friends, users who didn’t choose to sign-up for the dating feature, and most importantly, it won’t show up in the News Feed.

After that first and most important part, users are allowed to browse events in their city and groups that would match their interests; users can select to “unlock” one for dating. Then, users will be able to see the profiles of other dating users who’ve unlocked the same events or groups.

And after that, users can browse through other user’s profiles that show off a few of their photos together with some basic information about them. Users will be shown users based on mutual interests and friends, plus other data Facebook has on you.

Lastly, if both users are interested, they will be able to start a conversation in a special box, which is separate from Messenger and WhatsApp. For user’s safety, only text can be sent through this message box for now.

How Will Safe This New Feature Be?

However, the most important question to be asked is whether Facebook has built enough barricades between its social network and new dating feature. It will certainly be awkward to expand your network and then trying online dating in just one app. Also, if something bad happens, they could end up blaming the new dating feature, or worse Facebook itself. However, as Chris Cox explained, dating was always a natural fit for Facebook thanks to its ubiquity, data, and trusted platform for identity.

“We have designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning,” Mark Zuckerberg said. The company has been under fire recently for possibly not doing this with its other features over the years.

So, how will this new dating feature fare? Let’s wait and see. As for most people, I think they would find it fun and interesting because it would surely help them build confidence and it would be a fun, new way to meet other people.

AdminDecember 5, 2017


Recently, Google released their annual list of top Android applications and some of the top choices might come up as a surprise to you. Google has sorted them by most popular new applications and most favorite new applications.

The list is full of applications that you might not have heard about yet. If you are looking for a new hobby, then this ranking might be just for you.

So, Google’s five most popular applications include a photo editor, forecast app, the famous Boomerang as well as video app.

  1. Photo Editor – Filters & Beauty Camera
  2. What the Forecast?!!
  3. Boomerang
  4. TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, GIFs & TV shows
  5. Yarn – Chat Fiction

However, Google has decided not to stop there and they’ve created their personal list of favorites. On top of that list is the unusual homework helper “Socratic”.

The applications are quite entertaining as it uses artificial intelligence to guide users through their science & mathematical problems. To use the application, all you have to do is take a photo of your problem and it will show you a way to solve it. Moreover, it allows you to watch educational videos and receive help from classmates.

Other applications awarded by Google Include:

  1. 123 numbers – Best application for kids
  2. Qapital – As the most Innovative one
  3. Litsy – Awarded for the best social app
  4. Simple Habit Meditation – The best app for daily help
  5. PicsArt Animator: Video & GIF – As the most entertaining

For video gaming aficionados, Google has chosen CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars as their main choice. The complex game was created by the developers of Cut the Rope. In it, individuals have to build cars and battle against each other to win the game.

Their list of the most popular games of the year include:

  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Super Mario Run
  • Ballz
  • Magic Tiles 3
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga

As we thought the movie Moana was chosen as their most popular, Game of Thrones took the award for the TV shows. So, after seeing the tech giant’s list, would you say that it covers your favorites of the year? If not, please share with us your most played games and used applications.

AdminNovember 9, 2017


Many people were on the 5th of November convinced to download a fake WhatsApp. While the popular app appears as “WhatsApp Messenger” in Google Play, the fake App was called, “Update WhatsApp Messenger.” The most surprising thing is that it appeared to be made by WhatsApp inc; who are the original creators of the App.This caught many unsuspecting users by surprise.

What the App was able to do

The app required little restrictions for it to be downloaded. Once it’s downloaded the app hides in your smartphone by deleting its title and icon. The ad-loader wrapper downloads a second app called ‘whatsapp.apl’. This makes it very hard to detect it.

By the time Google pulled it down more than one million people had already downloaded it. A Reddit user first flanked the fake app on their page warning users of the malware.

Users who had downloaded the app complained that the app had a lot of ads. The app seems to be an imitation of the upcoming Whatsapp business app, and many users may have thought it to be an upgrade.

Buyers be Aware

The rule has always been to avoid downloads from questionable sources, but the fact that this app was available on Google App store raises a lot of questions. Users asked why Google would let the app remain for download without them noticing. The malware was flaked down by a user on Reddit rather than Google Play.

Hackers are becoming more bold and innovative in coming days. They are offering various gifts and upgrades to consumers in an effort to get lots of downloads. Once the apps are loaded on a user’s phone, the hackers then use fake user interfaces to capture customer data. This data is then transferred to a remote server where financial information is captured. Transferring customer funds then becomes very easy.

WhatsApp Business App

This is the App that the company hopes to launch shortly and which Hackers took advantage of. The App will connect users to business enterprises. You will be able to connect with companies through the app and make product orders through it. Versions of the App have been made available to testers.

The App will enable users to make landline calls and text messages through Whatsapp. This is a feature that is currently not available with current versions. You will also be able to interact with a company’s website chat through the App.

Whatsapp with more than one billion users hopes to increase revenues through the creation of enterprise features targeted at businesses. By breaking the communication barrier with customers, businesses will be able to update customers on important product launches. You will be able in the future to make airline and hotel bookings through Whatsapp. The company in an effort to block scammers says that users will be able to block unwanted numbers. You will also be able to update your contacts on WhatsApp. The App will be a big win for banks, small businesses, airlines and many other enterprises seeking a fast way to connect with customers.


AdminOctober 7, 2017


Microsoft launched the browser into the Android market and IOS phones, under the code name Spartan. Microsoft Edge was first shown to the public through a review build up of Windows 10, which happens to be  Windows 10 default browser.  Microsoft Edge is also available on Windows 10 mobile and Xbox One console.

Microsoft  Edge lets you access history, reading list, favorites, and ebooks.You can view a page both from your phone and PC. In case there are those hard to read pages on your mobile you can move them flawlessly to your larger PC screen. You have a built-in QR reader that makes reading e-books easier.

Microsoft Edge has been cleaned up of codes that made its predecessor – Internet Explorer- to be unpopular due to many malware attacks.  It is free of Active X and Visual Basic scripts while they have also blocked Adobe flash from launching automatically. Edge uses EdgeHTML and Chakra Javascript engine that makes it faster to load and makes it compatible with new versions of Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft claims that it is faster than Firefox and chrome, and has a longer battery life of 77 percent longer than Firefox and 35 percent than Chrome.

Both Edge IOS and Android will first be available in English and in the United States. But, Microsoft will expand to more countries and languages as it gets feedback from customers. Some features like roaming passwords and history tabs may not be available initially, may come later. Usage in iPads and Android tablets will be added in later stages.

Edge is very responsive when using it on a tablet as it lets you use your finger on a touchscreen. You can scroll to the left and right and double tap to highlight items. Sharing of items is quite easy, you click the share button, and you have a list of some popular apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana is plugged in Edge making browsing way easier. You will easily find Cortana in the address bar giving out suggestions. In case you stumble on a page where you require more information just launch Cortana, highlight a phrase, then press and hold it; and Cortana will provide you with more info. It will also give you lyrics suggestions when searching for a music video. You also get an alert of available coupons when you are shopping on retail websites.

Microsoft, through Edge, plans to capture the browser market that is currently dominated by Google Chrome and  Mozilla Firefox. The cross share feature will be a key selling point for many Android users. On the browser, it wraps the Webkit browser engine from Safari, while on Android it is built on top of Chromium, which is open source, unlike Apple that excludes third party developments. Microsoft is also rebranding it’s Arrow app to Microsoft Launcher. Some of the expected features will include the ability to pin contacts to your home screen and on a glance view appointments, frequently used apps, and recent documents.

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