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Dell, in collaboration with Alienware, has decided to revive the “m” brand, a collection of thin and lightweight gaming laptops, with the launching of the new Alienware m15 gaming laptop.

With the launching of this new gaming laptop, they are following the footsteps of companies like MSI by creating their thinnest and lightest 15-inch laptop so far. Even though the Alienware m15 is super portable, it is still packed with high-quality chips and a full-sized keyboard, which ensures that the laptop performs at its best. Simply put, it is by no means an underpowered laptop.

Dell the Alienware m15

Key Features

  • First-rate design
  • Full-sized keyboard
  • Extremely portable
  • Long-projected battery life
  • Lame starting storage options
  • Expensive
  • Mediocre speakers

Priced at $1,299, the Alienware m15 offers users with a 15.6-inch Full HD display having a 1920×1080 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, as well as having an 8GB of DDR4 memory. Plus, the laptop is driven by Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and an 8th generation Intel Core i5 H-series processor.

In addition to those features, users can choose between having a 1TB hybrid hard drive with an 8GB SSD built in, which can enable the system to boot and load applications faster, or a 256GB SSD.

Users can, of course, choose to upgrade their laptop further, and the sky is the limit when it comes down to it. For instance, users can upgrade the processor to an Intel Core i7 model and the graphics to GTX 1070 level. If users would like, the display can also be upgraded, either by enhancing the resolution to Ultra HD (3840×2160) or the refresh rate to a faster 144Hz rate.

Design and display

The first thing that you’ll most likely notice with the Alienware m15 is its size. Compared to previous models of the “m” brand, the Alienware m15 is lighter and thinner yet still packs a powerful performance. The laptop stands at just 2.11cm and weighs around 2.17kg.

The laptop is still designed with the aluminum lid plate bearing the Alienware logo that is illuminated by the firm’s AlienFX RGB lighting system, which also illuminates the keyboard, power button, and three other areas in addition.

However, what makes the Alienware m15 special is not the lighting or the materials but its dimensions. The company was able to cram a 15.6-inch display into a 14.3-inch wide frame and was able to fit a full numeric keypad on the keyboard deck, which is an incredible feat in itself.

Overall, the Alienware m15 makes the users feel that it could be used for more than just gaming, especially with its portability and general design.


With regards to performance, users can expect that the Alienware m15 will allow them to play the latest PC games for a year or two before it becomes completely outclassed by newer models.

In order to avoid that, users can always enhance the performance of the laptop by adding some upgrades and by using Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier GPU box, which actually connects through the firm’s proprietary port for such use cases. Alienware m15 also includes three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI 2.0, Mini DisplayPort 1.3, and Ethernet.

With regard to the laptop’s approach to cooling, Alienware claims to have “superior thermal management” with the Cryo-Tech 2.0 technology, which lets all components inside the laptop to work at their maximum potential. As for the laptop’s battery life, the average Alienware m15 can last for up to 7 hours and 10 minutes with video playback. However, users can upgrade the battery by using a 90Whr battery and boost battery life up to 10 hours and 40 minutes.

Overall, the Alienware m15 may not be the best gaming laptop in terms of raw power, but it is interesting in terms of its portability. Plus, we also have to consider that it features a full-sized keyboard and an impressive battery life.

AdminOctober 17, 2018


In order to maintain the positive reputation of Instagram, the company came up with a new feature that will feature an AI proactively detecting bullying in photos and captions before sending them out to human moderators for review.

AI proactively detecting bullying in photos and captions

A Way of Maintaining a Positive Reputation

This feature isn’t the first to explore the use of technology in battling with bullying. Last year, Instagram featured an enhance comment filter that makes use of machine learning in order to identify and mark offensive words and phrases in various challenging contexts.

However, this is the first feature under Adam Mosseri, who is the new Instagram chief. Mosseri took ever Instagram after co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger left in such haste. It seemed that there were tensions between the pair and the parent company Facebook, which reportedly made frequent meddling with Instagram’s products, and that lead to the departure of the two.

It is no secret that Facebook isn’t doing so well these past few months. With the public losing their trust in Facebook, Instagram still remains to be the bright spot among the company’s product lineup. Not only is Instagram popular and profitable, but it has yet to be tainted by the mistrust and scandal that is currently surrounding their parent company.

On that note, the company decided to use AI in order to weed out offensive content and maintain Instagram’s reputation for providing good vibes to everyone.

How the AI Feature Works

The feature works by having the AI analyze photo captions, as well as the photo itself, in order to identify if bullying is present.

A representative of the company explained that one of the things that the AI was trained to do is to look for split-screen images as a potential platform for bullying. It does seem logical, as users might use this as a way to negatively compare one person to another.

There are also other factors that the AI will consider in weeding out content, but the company is being clear about it. On the other hand, being tight-lipped about it might be a good idea on the part of Instagram since that could prevent users from finding a way to get around these anti-bullying measures.

Also, even though AI is quite cheap to use at a large scale, it still has its downsides: AI still has trouble dealing with human text and tone. So, it is good that after being scanned by the AI, content is still being reviewed by human moderators as a final check. After all, automation without even the slightest oversight is a disaster waiting to happen.

Spreading Good Vibes around the Globe

Being launched together with the new AI feature, Instagram is also launching a new camera effect called “kindness camera effect,” which is the company’s way to further spread positive vibes and to encourage and boost user engagement.

By using the rear camera, users will see that effects fill the screen with an overlay of positive comments in various languages. When users switch over to the front-facing camera, they will get a shimmer of hearts and a kind encouragement that says “Tag a friend you want to support.”

Now that’s a great way to spread good vibes. It does seem like Instagram is going down the right path. With these new features, it certainly seems like the company will be enjoying positive feedback from users and critics alike.

AdminOctober 16, 2018


For people who are always on the go, their lifestyle can get so busy at times, and so it can be challenging to manage personal and work relationships in their life, as well as keep up with current and important events.

If you are always on the go and experience the same challenges, then here are some of the best apps that you can use to connect, collaborate and engage online as well as offline.

Social Media Mobile Apps


At present, more and more people are switching over to Instagram. It isn’t really surprising to learn since Instagram offers a better environment, specifically a more relaxed and less cluttered space, for its users. Just like Snapchat and Facebook, Instagram offers to its users a chance to connect and show off to their friends; however, it does so without having the noise and clutter that is produced by ads and suggested posts.

In addition, you have the choice to follow who you like, as well as having the opportunity to meet influencers who share the same interests as you do. If you aren’t on Instagram yet, now’s the best time to join.


ICBRKR, also known as Icebreaker, is an app that lets members connect with old and new friends alike and bring them together for social happenings. Additionally, it also helps people find others who they can do various activities with, such as dining, travel, fitness, and many more.

The app functions by collecting local events in main cities and giving its members the chance to meet people based on similar interests. By using the app, members can find someone who closely matches their preferences and lifestyle and build a long-lasting relationship with that person.


Reddit is probably one of the most popular social media platforms today; however, it seems that not everyone has visited or checked it out for themselves. Essentially, Reddit is a platform for like-minded people where they could share and request information about any topic.

Reddit is a forum-based design where users can post and answer questions and create a dialogue. It is a place where people gather to collaborate and socialize, as well as create conversations for virtually all topics in the world.


Meetup is an app that is well-suited for people who loves to socialize and attend events. The app allows members to create events and activities for other members who share a common interest within a certain area so that they could meet up together.

Meetup is another great way to socialize with new people in the same city, where members can discover food events, hikes, film events, and other social happenings in your area or nearby cities. Using the Meetup app, members can use their posts to work like clubs where people can check their interest and stay in touch after the event and create more events for themselves.


If you’re more career-oriented, then you will probably like LinkedIn since it can help you propel your career forward and improve your professional network. Members can use their LinkedIn profile like a digital resume, where people can scroll through qualifications and see if you are a fit for their company.

LinkedIn keeps your account strictly professional and provides you with a place where your professional accomplishments can stand out.

AdminOctober 16, 2018


People nowadays choose to enlist music streaming services instead of going to the record store to buy some albums or even go to online stores like iTunes to download music. I guess it’s more convenient since it lets you listen to virtually any song or album for a reasonable monthly fee.

At present, there are 11 music streaming services you could check out: Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, Mog, Rara, and Deezer. With all these different options, you can be hard-pressed to pick one that you will be using.

To help you decide on which services to use, here are some points that you should consider.

Music Streaming Service1. What the service offer

The music streaming services that are available today offer at least 20 million songs, which mean that whichever service you choose to use you will be able to find all, or virtually all, of the songs that you want to listen to.

The libraries of these services offer quite a comprehensive selection of songs, but there are still some songs that they don’t feature, such as songs from The Beatles and AC/DC. Moreover, these services sometimes exclude new release songs and albums in order to encourage people to purchase them instead.

Also, there are also some artists who choose not to allow their music to be streamed in music streaming services since they won’t be making a lot of money through these services. So, before you subscribe to a particular music streaming service, see if you like all the music offerings of that service first.

2. How music is being streamed

Almost all of the music streaming services have an app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, as well as a way to listen to music using your computer, whether it’s through a Web app or a dedicated desktop app.

Using different music streaming services, you will see that every service has a slightly different feature than the other. For instance, the desktop app of Spotify has more features and keyboard controls. Some services also sync with home audio devices, like Sonos players and other smart TVs.

3. Does the service offer a free trial or free subscription?

Some music streaming services offer a free trial period where people can check out the service before they actually get a full subscription. Apple Music, for instance, is offering a generous three-month free trial period from the time you sign up.

Additionally, subscriptions are typically offered on a month-to-month basis, so it’s quite easy to cancel the subscription after just a month or two if you’re not happy with the service.

Also, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, and others let users listen to music for free, although you’ll have to bear with the advertisements that keep popping between tracks. The free subscription also means that there are certain limitations in how you can stream music.

4. Does the service offer family plans or student discounts?

A number of music streaming services offer family plans, which makes it cheaper for multiple users within a household to listen to music together. Spotify offers a 50% discount for each person you include a Premium account. Apple Music, on the other, lets you add six people to share the same membership for just $14.99 per month.

Similar to Apple Music, Google Play Music also offers a family plan for 6 people for $14.99. However, Rhapsody doesn’t offer such a family plan, but you can use a single account in different devices, which means you can share an account by using a single log-in.

Tidal also offers a family plan by offering a 50% off for every person you add and having a maximum of five people in the plan. With a five-person membership, you will have to pay $30 per month, which is almost double the amount for a subscription with Apple Music.

Another thing to consider is student discounts. A lot of services, such as Spotify and Rdio, provide discounts to college students.

There are also other things you should consider like if the service lets you stream and save music and if the service is available in your country. Think of what you want out of the subscription by using these considerations and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

AdminOctober 15, 2018


For someone who constantly has to do social media marketing, having the appropriate social media apps can mean the success of your endeavors, not to mention it could make your job so much easier.

As tools, social media apps allow you to do your tasks effectively and efficiently, even when you’re on the go. As a social marketer, here are some social media apps that you should consider using.

Social Media Apps



Planoly is highly recommended by many social marketers. Basically, it is a visual planner used for Instagram. It lets you manage your individual posts and lets you see how they will look like a grid before you post, all the while providing data and engagement rates for every post, which usually results to a clear visual style for your brand name and Instagram feed.

2.Facebook Pages Manager App

Dealing with even a single Facebook page from a mobile device can be a bit tricky. This is especially true when you’re dealing with multiple pages. That’s where Facebook Pages Manager App comes in. The app lets you manage a maximum number of 50 individual Facebook business pages using a mobile device or tablet.


When you are brainstorming or planning your next social media campaign together with your team, Evernote comes in handy. It is a cloud-based app that lets users take and share multimedia notes with anyone, which means you can send images, links, and even videos. It is truly a practical app to have, not just for social marketers but for just about anyone working with a group.


Captiona is specifically useful to people who use Instagram and Snapchat in their marketing campaign since it is a caption suggestion tool. Creating convincing captions can be a difficult task, especially if you have to do it numerous times per week. The app lets users enter certain keywords that define their image and then it helps them generate captions that can be associated with the chosen keyword.

5.Hootsuite Enhance

Hootsuite Enhance becomes handy when you need to create compelling visuals as it is a photo editing tool for various social media platforms. The app features cropping settings with the best dimensions for different social networks. Moreover, the iOS version lets users add a filter and/or logo to a photo and make it ready for posting.


Even if you have little graphic design experience, you can create exquisite visuals by using Canva, which is an intuitive design app that is primarily used for graphics and photo editing. It is a cloud-based tool that lets users create just about anything with its user-friendly interface. Additionally, there are also web and mobile versions available for this app.

7.Grammarly Keyboard

When writing captions or tweets, it is important that you always keep your post looking professional by checking for misspellings and grammatical errors. Even if you’re not that great in English, you can always create professional looking posts by using Grammarly Keyboard, which automatically scans your content for any mistakes.


Keyhole is an app that lets users monitor their performance across social media platforms. By using keywords, hashtags, and URLs, users can keep track of how well they are doing in various social media platforms. If you need to stay in the know and engaged with active conversation, Keyhole is the app that you need.

These are just some of the most useful social media apps that you should try. Remember: social media marketing, when done efficiently, can result in more clients, more traffic, as well as more engagement.

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Believe it or not, no movie starts off as a perfect sequence of perfect shots. Each perfect shot that you see is carefully crafted by editors in a way that will wow viewers. It might not be readily seen, but there is a lot of effort being poured into making a movie, especially a good one.

If you want to learn what it takes to produce a well-made movie and explore an exciting career as a video editor, there is just one thing you need: great video editing software. You don’t have to be a video specialist, all you need is the right video editing software. Below you will find some of the best video editing software for beginners.

Video Editing Software

1.Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a video editing software application exclusive for the Mac and iOS. It actually comes free with the purchase of an Apple device. So, if you’re working with your PC, you won’t be able to work with iMovie. The reason why it’s on this list is that of its simple elegance and high-fidelity filters, which are considered the classiest ones in the video editing field.

Another great feature of iMovie is its green-screen, also called the “chroma-key” tool, which lets you place your characters in various locations, such as Hawaii or Paris, in just a few clicks. You could also use some tracks from iTunes and GarageBand to implement in your video project.

Lastly, iMovie boasts a seamless Apple product integration. If you’re using your iPhone to shoot scenes, you can seamlessly transfer it over to your Mac by using AirDrop.


Next, we have Lumen 5, which is a video creation platform powered by AI. Lumen5 lets anyone, even those without experience or training, to easily produce interesting video content within minutes. It is already being used by some social media marketers to create fun and attention-grabbing social promos.

Even though the process isn’t flawless, you will have to fiddle around to make your blog content as perfect as you’d like, the rest of the process is done in a cinch. You only need to refine and do some minor editing and you’ll be ready to present your work.

Lumen5 comes with a free version, but you will only be able to create 480p videos. If you want to create 1080p HD, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of $50 per month.

3.Nero Video

Nero Video is perhaps one of the cheapest video editing software you will find. With just $49.99, you will get software that is well-stocked with a lot of tricks and efforts that you will find among other products competing for the title of best video editing software.

It certainly isn’t the best software for beginners, but there is other software that wouldn’t fare as well as Nero Video. Additionally, Nero doesn’t have the speed and functionality of Lumen5 and iMovie, but it is extremely affordable.

4.Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is another top-of-the-line product that offers a number of amazing features, which includes 360-degree VR, 4k support, and motion tracking.

Corel VideoStudio is the first one to offer motion tracking, which is a video editing feature that lets you track specific objects all throughout your cut. A lot of video editing products today come equipped with motion tracking, but the motion tracking feature of Corel VideoStudio is still regarded as the best one around.

One of the downers of Corel VideoStudio is its speed. However, paying only a one-time fee of $51.99, you can definitely do much worse.

Choose the right video editing software that fits your needs and creates that eye-popping video to impress your friends and family or even a client or prospect.

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