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Apple Watch Series 3: The best smart watch for 2017

Apple Watch Series 3: The best smart watch for 2017

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On the September event where Apple launched its iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is also introduced to the public. The watch’s over-all specifications are all predictable and one of which is its standalone LTE service.
Wearables that has a built-in LTE connectivity is actually not new now. However, the said feature is new to the Apple Watch. That is why the move is still big for the technology giant. This is also a huge update to the Apple device that has been developed for about three years now. Furthermore, it is a big stake in Apple since some other manufacturers of wearables have also tried to make a good user experience to their clients.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes ultimately in two model types: the ones with LTE and the other is non-LTE. The LTE-powered apple watch allows the user to take and make phone calls using the watch. They can also respond to messages, and check certain alerts even if their iPhones are away from them.

  • Specifications and such 

The Apple Watch Series 3 has amazing features including the S3 dual-core processor, 16 Gigabyte of storage capacity, W2 wireless chip, and the newest altimeter for tracking he floors climbed.

It is important that you know that the Apple Watch Series 3 that has no cellular features has all the                 components present in the others. However, there is an exception in its storage capacity. The non-LTE watch has only half of the space with just 8GB. The price of it starts from $329 for it’s 38 mm size.

In terms of the specification of the smartwatch, what you really need to know is that it is undeniably faster than its predecessors. All the applications in the smartphone are also faster than the usual. The Siri feature responds quicker and all the other user experience are all improved.

With its external aspect, it actually looks the same. It still has the same design since it is the trademark and the legacy of the company. The bands of the watch fit just fine.

Aside from a shinier and a more refined finish, the stainless steel type of the watch also brags a sapphire crystal for its cover. This means it has greater scratch resistance. Moreover, the aluminum type of the watch is being protected with an Ion X glass.

The rarest design in all the Series 3 watch from Apple is the inclusion of red dot in the side. Actually, it seems unnecessary to put it but we can’t-do anything about it. It’s their own choice.

  • LTE Connectivity 

The LTE connectivity is the most special thing about in the Apple Watch Series 3. This is because its predecessors don’t have this kind of specifications. It lets you connect your phone to it and allows you to take calls, messages etc. even though you are outside your home.

You are also allowed to make any phone calls even without the presence of your iPhone. Because of the LTE              feature of the Apple Watch series 3 will do it for you.

Truly, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best smartwatch we can see in the market now. The specifications and features of it are all surprising and exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own Apple Watch now and feel the convenience you’ve never felt before.

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