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Apple is doubling the production of the AirPods

Apple is doubling the production of the AirPods

AdminDecember 15, 20171min656

The wireless AirPods are eliminating the supply constraints this year and they will be available everywhere in 2018. According to our sources, Apple is about to double the production of the earbuds. The company plans to increase the AirPods shipments by a hundred percent every year.

This is now possible due to the fact that Apple outsourced their AirPod production by adding a whole new company – Luxshare. This huge improvement cut down the shipping time on Apple’s official website significantly.

The earbuds have been far more successful than users thought at the beginning due to the production delays and other concerns. Once again, the company doesn’t share information that includes their sales so we can’t say how many units the company sells on a yearly base.

However, not long ago Tim Cook revealed that their “wearables” department is roughly the size of a Fortune 400 company, which means that the growth isn’t a surprise to anyone.


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