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Apple is about to release a cheaper iPad in 2018

Apple is about to release a cheaper iPad in 2018

AdminDecember 7, 20171min929

The iPad is a great device that many people love, but for many, it’s too expensive. According to our sources, Apple is planning to release a whole new 9.7-inch iPad for only $259 in the upcoming months of the new year.

The new model aims to increase the tablet sales of the company by targeting those individuals who believe the current $329 model is too expensive. The company believes that a cheaper model would significantly increase their overall sales, luring thousands of new clients.

From what we know, the Cupertino-based company will release the device in the second quarter of 2018, targeting industrial and service sectors as their main target.

However, we don’t know whether the developers are going to make changes with the design or the hardware in order to cut down the cost. Our reports say that Apple is looking to outsource the iPad’s production to a Taiwanese manufacturer, which also works in tight partnership with Toshiba, HP, Acer, Dell & Lenovo.

The price cut isn’t much of a surprise as tablet sales have fallen considerably in the past few years and iPad lost their leading positions to the Microsoft Surface Tablet when it comes to customer’s satisfaction.

iPad’s lower price will make it a hit amongst consumers looking for a high-end tablet that comes at a cheaper price. If the rumors about the new Apple tablet are true, then the competitors from Amazon, Huawei and Asus are in great danger.

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