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Apple has discontinued the 256GB iPhone 7

Apple has discontinued the 256GB iPhone 7

AdminOctober 25, 20171min836

Even though that Apple had made some major changes in their smartphone lineup in the last two months, one of them has been missed by most of us.

iPhone’s 7 largest storage option, the 256GB model has been discontinued as Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Now, customers have two options: a 32GB or 128GB model, or else they have to upgrade to iPhone 8 or X.

According to our source, the Cupertino-based company stopped selling the largest model on the same day the new iPhone series was unveiled. Moreover, we contacted the company’s customer service team to confirm the news.

The greater the storage, the more applications the device can have, which allows you to take more high-quality photos, videos, music, movies and much more.

From now on, iPhone 8 is the only model that will have a 256GB model, so you have to forget about its predecessor if you want a new phone that can hold all of your pictures and videos in one place. Note that some mobile carriers still offer the iPhone 7’s largest storage options, but you have to hurry up as they can finish sooner or later.

According to our reports, Apple has been struggling to sell the new iPhone as much as its predecessors. Not only that, but it looks like the popularity of the iPhone 7 has increased significantly more than their new flagship phone.

However, Apple’s fans have their eyes focused on the new iPhone X, which must be quite more advanced. How are the customers going to react to the large choice they’ve been offered? Well, watch closely as Apple starts shipping the “X” model next month.

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