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An Application that Sends Miniature Stories through Push Notification

An Application that Sends Miniature Stories through Push Notification

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Miniature Stories through Push Notification

If you have a mobile phone, then you probably can relate to that feeling of irritation when your phone gets clogged up with useless and unwanted push notifications. How about if you get a push notification that contains a short story instead?

Starting on Monday, a new type of message will be sent by Serial Box, a publishing company and mobile app that produces and delivers team-written serialized fictions.

Introducing the Microfiction Mondays

Serial Box will be launching a new feature on July 9, which they are calling “Microfiction Mondays”, according to their blog post announcement.

Serial Box is currently publishing short fictions that are composed more like a season of a television series rather than a traditional novel, and a new “episode” of these stories come out every week. As for the Microfiction stories, it will be even shorter than that.

In order to fit on your phone’s push notifications, the Microfiction stories are limited to 150 characters or less. It also seems that Serial Box is aiming for quality rather than quantity since they will be using their existing authors, who are writing their already published series, to write the super short fiction.

More about Microfiction Mondays

Unlike other mobile applications, Serial Box doesn’t encourage their users to open the app for these Microfiction stories because it shows a flash fiction story that anyone can read without ever unlocking their phone.

In this new feature, Microfiction Mondays, users will receive a push notification containing a flash fiction story that is limited to 150 characters or less. The stories won’t be available anywhere else on the app or on the website. So, the only way to read them is to download the application and enable push notifications.

Here are some of the sample stories released by Serial Box:

Serial Box

“The ghosts don’t like that the living outnumbered them. They tell me they’re going to do something about it soon. They won’t say what.”

“Yes, he’s dead.” She smiled at me. “How do you like the cake? I made it especially for you.” Thunderstruck, I stared down at the crumbs on my plate.

Serial Box’s Hopes for this New Feature

In one of their blog posts, the company wrote, “[This is] the perfect bite-sized story for a busy afternoon filled with meetings. We hope that these stories will provide a moment of fictional solace for our Serial Boxers.”

Serial Box is looking to appeal to those on-the-go mobile users who don’t have enough time to open their phones and maybe also entice them into reading one of the longer series. Again, since these stories have fewer than 150 characters each, anyone can surely find the time to read them.

At this time, there’s no telling yet if Microfiction will be a hit or if it will be just another thing clogging up your notification screen. But looking at the bright side, the use of a limited number of characters worked out pretty well for another company once before, so who knows?

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