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Amazon Opens a Second and Third Amazon Go Convenience Stores

Amazon Opens a Second and Third Amazon Go Convenience Stores

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Amazon’s logo, which features the company name with a bright yellow arrow-shaped smile underneath, is one of the things that the company is widely known for. However, during this past few months, the company is gradually becoming famous for another reason: Amazon Go, which is the company’s first convenience store that was made open to the public earlier this year.

Now, less than a year after its first convenience store was launched, the company has opened two more Amazon Go convenience stores in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon’s Smaller Second Amazon Go Convenience Store in Downtown Seattle

On August 27th of this year, Amazon opened its second Amazon Go convenience store in Downtown Seattle, specifically at Fifth and Marion. The size of the second store is around 1,450 square feet, which is relatively smaller than the first store’s 1,800 square feet.

The second Amazon Go store features a range of ready-to-eat meals and snack options and even Amazon Meal Kits, which provides all the ingredients for a home-cooked meal for two people that will take about 30 minutes to prepare. According to Amazon, these meal options are prepared by Amazon chefs and various other local kitchens and bakeries.

Notably, the second Amazon Go store offers less selection compared to the flagship Amazon Go store located in the company’s Day 1 building, which stocks beer and wine and various grocery items like Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value brand products.

The second Amazon Go store is meant to cater more to office workers, and so the store will only be open on weekdays, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Additionally, since the second Amazon Go store is smaller in size, there is no kitchen within the store premises. So, the fresh food will have to be delivered to the location by an Amazon kitchen somewhere in Seattle.

Amazon’s Smaller Second Amazon Go Convenience Store in Downtown Seattle

Amazon’s Third and Largest Amazon Go Convenience Store in South Lake Union

Just a week after opening its second store, Amazon has opened a third Amazon Go convenience store at Boren Avenue North and Thomas Street, which is located in the heart of Amazon’s urban campus in South Lake Union.

The third Amazon Go store is said to be around 2,100 square feet in size, which makes it the largest Amazon Go store yet. It is also said to offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options to its customers. Some of the select foods that the third Amazon Go store has in store are bread, milk, locally-made chocolates, and Amazon Meal Kits.

How These New Amazon Go Stores Work

These two new locations work the same way as the flagship store. These two stores are still packed with a number of cameras that are mounted overhead that will track shoppers’ actions from every angle, as well as weight sensors that are placed on the shelves.

New Amazon Go Stores Work

Most importantly, customers will only be able to get inside the store by using the Amazon Go mobile app, which must be swiped on their way in and will enable the store to automatically charge them for whatever they grab.

There is still no word regarding the company’s plans for future stores, but it was reported that the company is planning to build stores in Chicago and San Francisco sometime in the future.

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