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Amazon Introduces a Prettier, Bassier Echo

Amazon Introduces a Prettier, Bassier Echo

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Alexa has improved after three years, however, the Echo has not. The heavy monolithic cylinder turns out to be most people’s competitor in Ecosystem. On the other hand, Amazon stated that they will be releasing a redesigned and new Echo, which makes Alexa look better, sound better and work better for only $99.

However, the new Echo design will probably matter most. The newly developed Echo is noticeably shorter compared to the previous Echo version. Amazon added new features to the latest Echo like few options of wood-veneer.

Amazon also enhanced the sound produces from Echo’s 360-degree speaker. The new Echo has a bass tweeter and produces louder sound regardless of its smaller size. Amazon also equipped the new Echo with the multi-room audio system. It means when you buy a multiple Echo’s you will be able to play a music in all Echo’s simultaneously.

Amazon EchoA demonstration was conducted yesterday, they play six Echo’s simultaneously, but the produced sound did not sound HomePod or Sonos Level. However, it sounded better compared to the previous Echo. Other speakers of Alexa have distinguished their sounds better by themselves. Fortunately, Amazon shuts the gap immediately.

The monolithic cylindrical Echo is considered as the powerful echo, however, the most popular speaker goes to Dot’s. Amazon also updates that Show and Echo Dot will combine to produce a device known as Spot.

security camera Spot looks like to be the bedside of Amazon Echo, a clock (alarm clock to be exact) consists of huge features. The Spot is round and small, just like softball size, with 2.5 inches round touchscreen and by default, it can show the weather or watch face.

Its round screen allows the user to perform a video call that has picture-in-picture and interrelate Spot and previous versions of Echo. It also consists of Show features, such as checking security camera and watching videos.

Truthfully, Echo Show is a wonderful device, but have an insufficient industrial design. Although the Spot is easy to hide and looks nicer. The Spot will cost for about $129.99.

Echo PlusOn the other hand, Amazon did not remove the Echo’s old version, instead, they give it a new name which is “Echo Plus” and it will cost $149. The new Echo Plus will be having an enhanced voice recognition and sound, with the additional smart-home center. The smart home center allows the user to connect to nearby devices and help the user to control them.

If you are looking for something just tell Alexa using voice commands and they will work for it immediately. You don’t need other apps in order to enable this feature.

More than a hundred devices support Echo Plus shortened setup process. Amazon wants everyone to have their own smart home that is why the Echo Plus comes with Philips Hue bulb.

At the Amazon’s event, Dave Limp mentioned three things the Amazon has learned in the past three years.

  1. People love listening to music, podcasts, and Audiobooks
  2. They love setting alarms and timers
  3. Control lights using their voice

According also to limp that, over 5000 people are working for Alexa service across the Amazon. Those people will only begin working once you purchase an Echo.

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