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Amazon in talks to deliver goods to your car trunk

Amazon in talks to deliver goods to your car trunk

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Amazon, the retail giant has been doing an amazing job delivering goods bought on their web portal to your doorstep. The retailer has grown its clientele to cover almost every part of the United States. They have invested heavily in software development to ensure that the customer’s security details are treated with utmost confidentiality. But, when goods are delivered to your doorstep there is usually someone out there waiting to get hold of your package before you do.

Porch Pirates

This is the name given to package thieves who wait for the delivery truck to speed off from the driveway and then creep to your doorstep and make away with your package.There are states where cops have sent dumpy packages with a hidden GPS device inside in an effort to catch porch thieves. But, these guys are always on the lockout and they have devised ways to avoid detection by cops. Amazon has lost over 26 million dollars in packages through ‘porch pirates’. This has also dented its image amongst affected customers.

Delivery to your car trunk

Amazon is said to be in confidential talks with Phrame, a smart licensing company to curb ‘porch pirates’. The idea is to have a secure bag installed near the licensing plate, with the car keys. The customer using their smartphone can grant access to car keys to the Amazon delivery guy. The delivery will then be placed in your car trunk and you can then access it later.Through a smart App you will be able to pinpoint the location of your car through GPS and view login details. The App will also inform you when the trunk was opened or closed; through GPS you can also tell the car’s location.

There are challenges to this idea, will Amazon customers entrust their car keys to a stranger? The other issue is people who use their cars on a daily basis and may not be in the vicinity of the delivery truck.

Smart lock

The other option is having a smart lock installed on the front door. With a Smart App, customers can grant access to the delivery man who will drop the package inside the house instead of outside. This will not only keep your package safe from ‘porch pirates’ but it will also protect it from damage due to bad weather. The smart lock is not new as WalMart is reported to be engaged with a contractor to have deliveries up to your fridge. Again the issue of security crops up, how many customers will be willing to let a stranger into their home unattended.

Lost and unattended packages are a cause of concern for Amazon as it not only destroys their brand but leaves a lot of irate customers. The online retail market is growing at a very high rate and most items are now available online. A lot needs to be done to curb theft and protect packages from weather elements. Amazon already has a porch pirate bag that locks to your door lock but it seems more needs to be done to ensure full delivery to the customer.

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