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A New Kind of Horror: Granny Game Review

A New Kind of Horror: Granny Game Review

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Despite the fact that it lacks greatly with regard to visuals, Granny has become such a popular game today. If you’re planning on playing the game but not quite sure whether it’s a good idea, then reading this review just might help you.

Granny has become such a popular game today

What Granny is About

Granny, which is developed by the developer, is a horror mobile video game. In the game, players wake up to find that they are inside granny’s house. The objective of the player is to collect certain objects in order to escape from the house, whether escaping from the main door or busting through an underground tunnel by using the car in the garage.

Every player is given five days to find all required objects and escape from granny’s clutches. Each day ends when granny catches you and bashes your head with a baseball bat. After that, you go back to the starting room.

Some of the objects that players can acquire by going through the house are hammer, cutting pliers, screwdriver, car key, safe key, master key, padlock key, weapon key, melon, winch handle, playhouse key, gasoline can, car battery, spark plug, wrench, engine part, and two cogwheels.

Granny can be played in five different settings: Practice mode, Easy mode, Normal mode, Hard mode, and Extreme mode. For those who like the challenge, darker mode and extra locks can also be activated.

As for the ending, there are five possible endings: the escape ending, the teddy ending, the car ending, the basement ending, and the guillotine ending. In the first three endings, the player manages to escape, whereas the last two endings show the player dying at the hands of granny.

What you Need to Know

What you need to know, especially if you’re a parent, is that Granny is peppered with grotesque art, blood, and jump scares. So, if you have problems with being surprised, then you should probably stay away. Also, the game is too intense for young children, and so parental guidance is strongly advised.

If you’re looking for a challenging game, then Granny is a good choice for you since it is a bit hard to escape from Granny, especially on Extreme mode. Even on its easy setting, it is a bit difficult to avoid and run away from granny. The sound is a major consideration here since granny is alerted every time you make a noise like stepping on creaking floors and dropping objects.

Plus, granny is totally creepy, with her corpse-like body and her bloody bat. Be sure to avoid encountering her while you’re exploring the house since she will beat you with her bat. Also, the idea of cannibalism is implied in the game as you will get to see pools of blood and hanging raw meat in various parts of the house.

Will I Recommend It?

Without a doubt, Granny is one of the most visually-lacking games on mobile. However, it is also considered as one of the scariest. I wouldn’t really recommend it to young children because of violence and gore, but for adults, it’s certainly a must try.

The creepy music, creaking floorboards, and granny’s disconcerting voice and out-of-this-world laughs are stuff that makes nightmares. In fact, just thinking about it gives me shivers.

If you’re looking for a horror game that will make you strategize while leaving your blood running cold, then you should definitely try playing Granny and hope that you will be able to leave her house alive.

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