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Wireless charging comes to next iPhone

Wireless charging comes to next iPhone

AdminJune 27, 20171min873

Apple’s charging cables are notorious for the lack of durability, but that’s a common thing for many manufacturers. That’s why, many Android mobile device creators have decided to go with the wireless charging solution, but it’s something that Apple has been delaying for quite some time.

Recently, Apple started manufacturing their iPhones in India and the company dealing with this is called Wistron. This week, the company’s CEO Robert Hwang revealed that the new iPhone would be more waterproof than ever and it will include a wireless charging feature.

Manufacturing iPhones is a complicated process that requires lots of expertise, and that’s why Wistron focuses only on the iPhone SE at the moment.

Another sign that Apple plans to announce wireless charging for their next flagship smartphone was the note from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, who predicted this new feature not long ago. Soon after that, a photo was leaked, which showed a large pad installed in an iPhone that looked exactly like a wireless charging antenna. Moreover, a couple of days ago, a Reddit user leaked a photo of back panel made of glass, which is a must for wireless charging.

While waiting for the latest iPhone, we recommend trying the Apple Music application, which would connect you with your favorite performers and their songs. This week, Apple added a $99 annual subscription plan that offers a $20 discount for those who wish to use the application for the next twelve months.

Even though that there are many rumors on the Internet, we won’t know anything in specific as the Cupertino-based company loves to surprise their fans and change their plans at the last minute.


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