The New York Post Claims Technology Turns Children into Psychotic Junkies

The New York Post Claims Technology Turns Children into Psychotic Junkies

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Technology is everywhere these days, and it seems to become more advanced every year. We’ve come a long way from the Game Boys we had as children. Now, even our youngest generation is able to access any multimedia they desire from their tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. There has been a lot of concern as to whether our infatuation with technology is safe, or even healthy. But this mild curiosity was taken a step further recently when the New York Post claimed that the use of technology could be more addictive to children than heroin.

This is a scary thought for every parent. We do whatever we can to keep our children safe. Is it possible that technology we have made a part of our daily lives is actually doing more harm than good?

There is no doubt that children are stimulated by technology. With all the games, videos, and apps they could ever want at their disposal, they’ve got access to a whole world of entertainment. For many children, these games replace other forms of entertainment such as riding their bike or playing sports.

psychotic junkies

However, claims that technology is just as addictive as heroin are simply unfounded. If anything, this is simply an example of publications using fear tactics to horrify parents. After all, what child doesn’t like to be entertained? How many of us recall our parents reluctantly pulling us away from whatever fun we happened to be having when it was time to take a bath or go to bed? There is no doubt that it’s important for us to regulate our children’s access to technology to a healthy level. However, tech is such an important part of our society that it has almost become a basic necessity.

The way we access information today is completely different from the way we accessed it before. No longer do we have to pour through pages of encyclopedias. Instead, all we need is a quick Google query to find out what we need to know. This isn’t just a trend, it’s our new way of life. Children need to be educated on how these technologies work if we want them to be successful in the modern economy.

However, if you are raising children yourself, there are still a few things you can do. With proper guidance, technology can be used to enhance children’s lives without any negative effects. We know that children need exercise, so make sure that they have time in the day where they can put the tablet down and participate in sporting activities. It’s also important to restrict computer use immediately before bed, as this can negatively impact their sleep cycles.

When your children are allowed screen time, take a few moments to explore the internet with them. Help them learn how to use the internet to find information, and take an active stance in protecting them from content you feel is unsuitable for your children. Remember, there is no harm in playing games. However, all of these games have a rating, and you should ensure that the content is age appropriate.

So, is technology turning our children into addicts? Absolutely not. Technology has an incredibly positive impact on our lives, and we should all take steps to make sure that this is passed down to the next generation.

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