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The wireless AirPods are eliminating the supply constraints this year and they will be available everywhere in 2018. According to our sources, Apple is about to double the production of the earbuds. The company plans to increase the AirPods shipments by a hundred percent every year.

This is now possible due to the fact that Apple outsourced their AirPod production by adding a whole new company – Luxshare. This huge improvement cut down the shipping time on Apple’s official website significantly.

The earbuds have been far more successful than users thought at the beginning due to the production delays and other concerns. Once again, the company doesn’t share information that includes their sales so we can’t say how many units the company sells on a yearly base.

However, not long ago Tim Cook revealed that their “wearables” department is roughly the size of a Fortune 400 company, which means that the growth isn’t a surprise to anyone.


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The iPad is a great device that many people love, but for many, it’s too expensive. According to our sources, Apple is planning to release a whole new 9.7-inch iPad for only $259 in the upcoming months of the new year.

The new model aims to increase the tablet sales of the company by targeting those individuals who believe the current $329 model is too expensive. The company believes that a cheaper model would significantly increase their overall sales, luring thousands of new clients.

From what we know, the Cupertino-based company will release the device in the second quarter of 2018, targeting industrial and service sectors as their main target.

However, we don’t know whether the developers are going to make changes with the design or the hardware in order to cut down the cost. Our reports say that Apple is looking to outsource the iPad’s production to a Taiwanese manufacturer, which also works in tight partnership with Toshiba, HP, Acer, Dell & Lenovo.

The price cut isn’t much of a surprise as tablet sales have fallen considerably in the past few years and iPad lost their leading positions to the Microsoft Surface Tablet when it comes to customer’s satisfaction.

iPad’s lower price will make it a hit amongst consumers looking for a high-end tablet that comes at a cheaper price. If the rumors about the new Apple tablet are true, then the competitors from Amazon, Huawei and Asus are in great danger.

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In the past few years, there was a lack of innovation in the phone industry, where Apple became the equivalent of success for many. For a while, the design of all phones became the same and they were frankly boring to everyone.

However, this was the year of changes in the industry, as phones ditched features that made them look the same. Now, companies have added bigger far more sophisticated screens, dual-camera setups for a better quality and most brands have removed the home button, which was considered a necessity for a number of years. So, let’s check what’s new this year!

New Construction Materials

First and foremost, most companies have changed the materials they’ve been using until now. At first, Apple introduced their original iPhone, mixed aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. For few years, they went to steel and glass with the iPhone 4 & 4S, which is something that we can enjoy again with their latest arrivals 8, 8 Plus & X.

The Android device had a similar history, but the majority stuck on a design similar to the iPhone 6, which includes a thin CNC-ed unibody aluminium with antenna bands on the back. An example for an iPhone look-alike was the OnePlus 5’s design which was clearly inspired by the Cupertino-based company.

However, most manufacturers have switched back to the metal & glass design, firstly used by the iPhone 4, by making it much more appealing and functional.

The glass used on most premium devices is now scratch-resistant, allows wireless charging and it’s harder to break. Of course, this isn’t the only new material used by most companies.

Recently, The Essential Phone was featured with a titanium body, whereas the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 had a ceramic back. Google’s Pixel 2 was released with aluminum frames coated with matte finish, which adds a better grip to the device

Improved Screens

The mobile industry’s vision is to create a phone that has nothing else but the screen. This vision becomes clearer every year as companies continue to review screens that are more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Most manufacturers have made the shift from rectangular screens to edge-to-edge displays, trying to remove the bezels from every side. Moreover, most phones are now with rounded corners, making the phone look even thinner.

Currently, the iPhone X is by far the most advanced phone, offering a screen that touches every side of the phone. However, it includes a “notch” that houses a variety of sensors required for certain functions. It might look strange, but the fact is that you can spot that device from a mile. Moreover, they are highly important as they allow the implementation of larger screens.

Putting things into the past

The phone industry has changed a lot in the past few years. Even though that there are tons of new features, everybody still mourns their loss.

In the past year or two, most phone manufacturers have ditched headphone jacks, single cameras, and home buttons, making them a part of the museums. Yes, some phones haven’t evolved yet, but it’s a process that will take time before it’s accepted by all companies.

Apple was the first company to remove the jack, for which they received huge criticism, but it looks like that they were right as most companies have followed the same path.

It is really unpleasant when you can’t find your dongle or you find out that there’s no battery on your wireless headphones, but it’s for the greater good of all phone designs.

The result of this decision? Better cameras, water & dust resistance, larger battery and smaller phone. The same goes for the home button, which is already considered as a blessing in disguise. Forget about the constant failures and enjoy the larger screen. You might not have a Touch ID button now, but the Face ID is even better! Moreover, most Android phones still have a fingerprint sensor on the back, so you still have a choice.

Plus, no fingerprint means that the company has to concentrate on improving the face ID feature. We’re really looking forward to the more sophisticated versions as they will be far more accurate, quicker and secure.

Advanced Cameras

The newest smartphone addition is the dual cameras, which were firstly introduced by HTC, but then improved by Apple which made them a leading choice for individuals eager to make better photoshoots.

The introduction of dual cameras came in fast and most manufacturers rushed into implementing them, without ensuring the perfection of the technology. The result was catastrophic for the cameras of Android phones, which allowed iPhone to reach the first place when it comes to quality shooting.

Are the companies going to surprise is in the upcoming two years or the market will be dominated by Apple once again? Well, we can’t say that right now as competitors in the face of Xiami, Google, Samsung and the Essential Phone are gaining momentum. It looks like the next two years will be fateful for the smartphone industry.

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According to recent reports that cite Chinese supply sources, Apple is planning to reveal a new budget-friendly iPhone, which will be a continuation of the SE series. The updated version will feature its emblematic design, which was used for the iPhone 5S series, but of course, considerably boosted.

Our sources reveal that Apple is planning the launch in the first quarter of 2018. The iPhone SE won’t follow the same pattern of yearly updates, but Apple has made it clear that they won’t discontinue the 4-inch model as it’s offered cheaper, which makes it of great importance for markets like India.

While there are many people who don’t like tiny displays, we should acknowledge the fact that there are many reasons to buy such a phone nowadays.

  1. Size

 The Cupertino-based company is on a mission to make the old design popular once more. The customers base they’re looking for is different than the normal one. They are targeting those who were forced into buying a larger iPhone and as well as for the millions of people who bought the iPhone 5 & 5S in 2015.

Smaller phones are easier to use, they have improved battery life and overall performance. Highly suitable for women and individuals who are not comfortable carrying large devices.


The display of the phone is the component of the phone that drains the most energy. The logic follows that a smaller display would consume less energy.

According to Apple, their SE model has the best battery life amongst all others. They haven’t released any official information, but the rumor has it that it is either the equivalent of an iPhone 6S or greater.

      3. Performance

The fact is that the SE has the same specifications as the 6S, but comes at a far cheaper price. It features the great A9 chip with M9 motion co-processor and 12MP iSight camera.


Models like SE that are considered a cheaper alternative, are often mistaken for phones with poor performance and unattractive design, but this is not the case with this model.

The size is far smaller than their flagship phones and the design is almost the same as the popular iPhone 5S. It surely offers a great performance for its price of $400.


Years ago, Samsung was at the top of the phone camera industry, but things have changed now. In recent years, Apple has shown one of the best cameras featured on phones, that make photography a great fun.

The SE features a 12MP iSight camera, which is similar to the one used in the 6S. Moreover,  there’s a huge variety of modes and you can record video in 4K.

For its price tag, the SE is an excellent alternative for individuals who are looking for a more budget-friendly device or the same 5S experience.

After reviewing the advantages of the SE model, an update of this line in 2018 actually makes sense. Our sources reveal that the company is planning to update the A9 chip to a newer processor. We’re really looking forward seeing what Apple has prepared for us this spring!

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In the article, we are going to talk about the most historic phone ever created in the history of iPhones. We follow Marques Brownlee’s video review as we show you Apple’s latest flagship phone.

There’s a learning curve to the new iPhone X, which is quite fascinating as we haven’t seen anything alike with its predecessors.

All previous models had pretty much the same setup with a rectangle screen, rounded corners and a home button. You know exactly what you get, how to use it and what to expect. If there are any new features once in a while, it won’t take you more than ten-seconds to learn it and you are good to go.

With the iPhone X, there are three or four fundamental changes to the way you use the phone. On the outside, it’s the same shape we’re used to – a rectangle with rounded corners – but the display is now curved for the first time and the screen is as close to the edges as possible.

Holding the phone gives you a pleasurable feeling as it is large enough to enjoy all your favorite activities at maximum pleasure. Even though that the new model is larger, the feeling is that you are having an iPhone 8, rather than a “plus”.

The stainless steel sides make the phone far more slippery and it’s a matter of time before you drop it. The back of the phone is a shiny glass, which would probably never look the same as the first time you’ve opened the box. It can get easily scratched, so it is better to use the device with a case.

The Toronto based accessory maker Dbrand is now offering an accessory named “The Grip”. It’s a quite useful for individuals who tend to break their phones often. More about this accessory, you will learn in the upcoming weeks as we create a separate review article about it.

Overall, it has everything for a $1,000 phone. The speakers aren’t front-facing, but they are still pretty good. It’s water-resistant and you can charge it wirelessly. Once again, there’s no headphone jack, but welcome to 2017!

Many people ask whether this is the most breakable iPhone due to the glass back screen and the answer is… yes. What I personally don’t like is the camera bump, which would make the phone rocking while being placed on a table and chances are that you will get your finger in the photos far more often than before.

The notch

The most prominent feature of the phone is the front notch which contains some highly valuable sensors. It might look annoying at the beginning, but you will get used to it quickly.

All optimized iPhone 10 applications must wrap around the notch perfectly. Most applications are catching up with the update as developers are optimizing their apps.

Apps that aren’t updated will be quite obvious as they have huge bezels at the top. It is quite annoying when you watch videos as the notch will often cut off some of the display when playing on a full screen.

By double tapping on the screen, you can add bezels to see everything, but this would make the screen small and then you will see the need for a plus-sized X.

The Retina Display

The phone features a Retina OLED display with the 5.8-inch panel, high pixel density. It supports HDR, True Tone, Live Photos, and the colors are far better than before.

Having such an amazing display means that users must forget about the home button. Even though that there’s no home button, you can now control your phone using “gestures”, which are part of the learning curve we talked about previously.


By swiping up from the bottom of the screen to go home and you will see a bar that represents your “Home”, from where you can close opened applications.

Swipe down from the top to access notifications. By swiping from the right corner you can open the “Control Centre”. For multitasking, you have to swipe halfway up and then over to get through your recent apps. If you can’t access the upper part of the phone, you can swipe down on the bottom of the screen to reach the top corners.

Once you get used to the swiping, you will understand just how much it improves the user’s experience.

The long-awaited Face ID

Removing the home button means that there’s no fingerprint reader on the front anymore. That’s why, you have the new Face ID system, which unfortunately is far from perfect, whereas the touch ID was far more superior.

However, Face ID can get improved with new software updates so we hope to see them more often! Note that, it has some physical limitations that will prevent it from unlocking. It works by placing thousands of sensors on your face to recognize you. The system is quite sophisticated as it can recognize you as you change with time or when you add a makeup or change your hairstyle.

The system is known to fail if there’s infrared light around you. Personally for me, locking your phone with Touch ID had a success rate of around 99%, whereas with Face ID it is around 95%.

Go to Settings to turn “Attention” on. This means that you will have to be looking towards the phone so that it can unlock. I believe that the Face ID system provides more security in terms of authentication and it’s quite a seamless process.

Apple represents animated emojis

The Animoji, possibly the funniest feature on iPhone 10 that would make communicating with your friends even more hilarious. It’s exclusive to this model only! Android users will receive a video of your Animoji when you decide to send them one. Even though that this feature requires a front-facing camera, other models of the company don’t have it.

Photos are now even better

The cameras are a bit changed even though the sensors are the same, but with better glass and optic stabilization. Now, you can make far better pictures with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed videos & photos. HDR on this phone is quite amazing, aggressive and detailed. From what we’ve seen, the iPhone X’s front-facing camera might be the best one on the market for videos.


Inside the phone, this awesome machine offers an A11 Bionic chip, 3GB’s of RAM, which allows it to perform on a brilliant level making it one of the fastest phones available on the market. The battery of the iPhone 10 is improved as it is now close to the capability of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The bottom line is that iPhone X is a brilliant device and people won’t be disappointed for paying a thousand dollars to own one. Those who want this phone are already aware of its drawbacks, so it’s a well worth purchase after all.

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Recently, two new Surface Book 2 hybrid laptops were revealed by Window’s Devices head Panos Panay. The first model will feature a 13-inch display, while the second will be with a 15-inch screen. The news was confirmed before the launch of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th.

Microsoft’s Surface products are getting popular with tremendous speeds as more and more people recognize them as their laptop of choice. The surface brand is trying to get into a market, currently being dominated by Apple.

The tech giant is quickly expanding the brand across multiple mobile devices such as the Surface Book, Laptop, Pro and even the desktop Surface Studio.

According to the company’s representatives, the $2,499 15-inch Surface Book 2 provides fascinating performance that’s five times more powerful than it’s predecessors. Panay believes that the laptop is capable of performing 4.3 trillion math operations per seconds.

Moreover, the Surface Book 2 provides up to 70% more battery life than a MacBook Pro of the same class. The performance of the new Surface Book is nothing like its predecessor, but the design is relatively the same as the original 13.5-inch laptop. The screen is with 3:2 aspect ratio, whereas it can be detached with the press of a button and then used alone, flipped around or used in “Studio Mode” for art.

The company states that there are about a thousand new parts in the new laptop. Microsoft’s engineers have recreated the entire hinge and attachment mechanism to provide a much neater experience.

The device is supported by an 8th generation Quad-Core i7 CPU, whereas the tablet doesn’t have a fan but cools passively thanks to the tiny grills implemented on the edge of the tablet. According to the company’s representatives, the Surface Book 2 has up to 17 hours of battery life. As a tablet device, it can work up to 5 hours without charge and then all you have to do is reattach it to the keyboard. The processor is backed up by a Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and 6GB of RAM. From what we see, the Surface Book 2 is a perfect machine for gamers alike.

Now it’s up to you to decide which system you wish to purchase. The Surface Laptop is an elegant and high performing laptop with a powerful battery that’s suitable for working on the go. The Surface Book 2, on the other hand, is about providing the best possible performance.

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