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Same game or Same Fame!

Same game or Same Fame!

AdminDecember 21, 20161min1340

It has been really an old technique since the inception of the App store. Every time a popular game comes out in the market, it is inevitable that you will get to see numbers of similar kind of games available on the app store at the same time. It is a common practice by some to use the same kind of the name of a popular game and release it the same time around when the actual one makes to the market.

It’s not that these games are all the same. The mechanism might be same, but not the game. The graphics and the design are always different from the actual one, but they tend to use the same kind of name as the original one.

The current scenario

On 15th of Dec, 2016, Nintendo released their latest “Super Mario Run” on ios exclusively. The experts had already predicted that there will be similar things happening in the app store as well and so it did. Soon after the release, there were apps in the app store with almost the same name.

The reason behind this method is very simple. These games are really popular so when people search for say “Super Mario Run” and gets something similar that is on top, there is a little bit of chance to get the downloads going. People are in the hurry to get this new game and the number of downloads in just 4 days is a proof of that.

Although this game is not entirely free and you need to pay almost 10$ to access the whole game, but people over the world have responded well to download this game. So, basically, those same looking games, enjoy the fame somewhat. They get the hits and a part of the downloads as well (not sure if will play the game after they see it’s a fake).

What the Nintendo has to say?

In this context of this kind of cheating, the game producer has taken it very lightly. According to him, this is not copying. He has taken this very sportingly and has declared that there is no pirated copy available in the market and people who have used same like title, they have not copied the entire game or the levels. So, they are not at all concerned about that.

He also said that these games were on the app store days ago this game released and hence can not be copied.

On the other platform

Although Nintendo has said, they have not released any kind of original version of the android game yet, but there are games already on the Android store while are looking exactly like this game and can be a real concern. Experts have found out that these games have started to climb the ranking on google store pretty fast even before Nintendo launched the game. Some people have also reported that there are APKs found online which are claiming to enable a user to play the game on android which is according to the makers of the game is totally a false claim.

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