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Order & Pay for Subway Using Facebook Messenger

Order & Pay for Subway Using Facebook Messenger

AdminApril 25, 20171min889

At the beginning of the week, Subway announced that they’d made a partnership with MasterCard to provide this service for Facebook Messenger.

Other chatbots that allow mobile payment for food shopping include The Cheesecake Factory and Fresh Direct.

The process of making a sandwich is really simple and straightforward, and it has to be completed with Mastercard’s Masterpass. In a recent conference, the officials from MasterCard revealed that their idea is to provide the most user-like experience to their clients.

The idea behind those bots for ordering is quite brilliant as people want to avoid using other applications, websites and make phone calls to order food. Thus, the Facebook Messenger bots allow you to communicate with companies, making your order detailed, without any hassles. It all happens on one familiar platform.

According to the research of Fresh Direct, mobile usage increases with 42% every year. Their latest bot will become available later this year. To make the process more naive and simplistic, MasterCard uses Masterpass as their food service partners, because the whole food ordering industry can be a bit too difficult for the chat bot.

In the beginning, you will have to go for a lengthier conversation to make a sandwich choice. After some time, you can order your regular order with just a single emoji making the process quick.

Moreover, if you’d like to make a large order, you can have a group conversation. At the end of the procedure, the bot will help you split up the bill. However, you will have to enter your password after every transaction as it doesn’t remember it. For now, there isn’t an option for a biometric entry as well, but they are working on it.

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