iPhone 8 Might Come Later Than Expected

iPhone 8 Might Come Later Than Expected

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As you might already know, 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the most innovative mobile device ever built – the iPhone. Rumors reveal that this year, the Cupertino-based company will release two phones with improvements and one luxury version that features a premium design. All three devices will be released at the same time, but the redesigned one will be available for shipping later than the others.

According to our sources, the premium Apple device will be launched later due to the laborious manufacturing process involved.

The design of the third version is said to be quite amazing. It will feature a larger curved screen and rumor has it that the trademarked home button is going to history as well.

Other improved components of the phone will include a front-facing camera with 3D capabilities. The rear of the device will be equipped with a dual camera, similar to the one of the “Plus” model. The 3D capabilities would allow augmented reality features, as well as other new applications and games.

Even though that there are numerous rumors, Apple hides all information about their devices, making it one of the biggest secrets in the world. Those predictions aren’t always accurate, but some of them are closer to the truth than you might realize.

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