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What has iPad Pro prepared for you?

AdminJune 13, 20171min1008

What has iPad Pro prepared for you?

iPad is one of those devices that everyone praised when it was released. In recent years, we see a substantial decline in sales and things aren’t looking good for the device.

At the WWDC 2017 Keynote, Apple revealed the new iPad Pro , which is far more powerful than before. It hasn’t evolved into a laptop yet, but it can’t be called a simple tablet as well. The new 10.5-inch iPad is here to change its future, and it has become better with the new iOS 11.

I. Improved Dock

The new dock implemented in the iPad is similar to the Mac’s. It allows you to choose between a variety of applications, and it can be easily accessed from within an app. Moreover, the last app in the row changes depending on your habits.

II. Drag & Drop

Since the beginning, Apple has been using one pretty annoying feature, which used the magnifying glass to copy and paste stuff. It hasn’t disappeared fully on the new iPad, but now there’s a drag & drop feature implemented that makes moving photos & text quite easier.

III. Multitasking

The app switcher has become far more sophisticated than before. Now, you see not only all apps opened, but you will have control center shortcuts that can be rearranged the way you want them to be.

 IV. Refresh Rate is now a thing

 Back in the days, consumers never worried about the refresh rate on computers, nor tablets. However, the new iPad Pro auto adjusts the refresh rate based on what activity you are performing. This would considerably enhance the way you experience movies and games. Moreover, it could result in battery savings as it won’t take so much power on activities that don’t require it.

The latest changes on the iPad Pro are focused largely on productivity as the company tries to make the tablet more of a computer than a larger phone. The newest iPad can soon become a competitor to the MacBook as it is light, with a nice battery life and it offers a user-friendly interface preferred by many!

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