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Instagram’s tremendous growth in 2016 is not stopping in 2017

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Instagram’s tremendous growth in 2016 is not stopping in 2017

Most analysts consider the year of 2016 as the most important for the social media giant. The Cupertino-owned company received an entirely different facelift, including a new logo and a variety of other features such as Instagram Stories. For one year, Instagram released more features than ever before, and the statistics show that the app is on the right path.


In 2017, the ad sales must reach the incredible sum of $3 billion, which is a considerable improvement from the $60 million in 2015. A few days ago, the social media platform reached 1 million monthly users, which is five times more than a year ago.

Instagram is getting increasingly popular within small and medium sized businesses as the platform is quite simple and working on it is a no-brainer at all.

Instagram allows companies to track their expenses, income, and sales at the same time, including the traffic, received from the platform. This is something that can’t happen through TV or traditional advertising methods.


Last week, the Silicon Valley company revealed their new in-app shopping feature known as “booking”.

Now, individuals can book a service directly through the application. This would allow businesses such as hair salons and cinemas to make direct sales from the platform. Every company can add one of the following buttons to their Instagram profile: Email, Call, Directions, Booking.

An interesting fact is that there are more than 8 million businesses on Instagram. This popularity grows even more in large countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Brazil and even Indonesia.

Instagram claims that around 80% of all Instagram users follow businesses and they are eager to use the new call-to-action buttons to receive a service straight from the platform.

Stories Feature

Business owners can benefit from the detailed analytics provided by the application. They are available for both Instagram Stories and individual posts, allowing you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

Recently, the Facebook-owned company launched Stories, a feature similar to the core idea of Snapchat. However, this move proved to be a success as people use it nearly as much as the original application – Snapchat.

Facebook & Instagram

Some people believe that by becoming more like Snapchat, Instagram can soon cannibalize the user base of Facebook. But is that really possible? According to professional marketers, both social medias provide an entirely different experience.

From what we can see, the potential of Instagram is humongous, and it’s quite interesting to see how high it can reach. 2017 is expected to be a challenging one for the company, and we are eager to see their newest features as soon as possible!

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