Instagram Continues To Grow And Reaches 700M Users

Instagram Continues To Grow And Reaches 700M Users

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The growth of Instagram in the past two years is tremendous as it managed to double its user’s base to 700 million active users each month. In fact, statistics show that the growth is not slowing down. On the contrary, it’s actually speeding up as it took only four months to increase with a hundred million users since December.

It took 28 months for the application to reach a hundred million users and 13 more to double that. From there on, it took nine months for every 100 million until December 2016 when the app reached 600 in just six months. 

Instagram might become the next Facebook-owned application that joins the “billion users” club. Currently, the app is twice bigger than Twitter, but it still can’t reach WhatsApp and Messenger with their 1.2 billion users. 

Maybe the growth of Instagram was heavily influenced by the Stories feature, which was released just a few months ago. According to a company’s spokesperson, this feature had a great impact. Instagram Stories has more daily active users than Snap Inc. 

It looks like the plan of Facebook to destroy its rival Snapchat is working, as Snap Inc’s growth decreased with 82 percent since Instagram Stories was revealed. 

What makes Instagram so successful is their growth in international markets. The company targets developing markets such as India, Brazil, U.K, Turkey and Japan. In fact, more than 80 percent of the app’s users are from outside the United States, which is their biggest market. 

Facebook is well aware that there’s no Internet connectivity everywhere in the world constantly. Thus, the photo-sharing app works on products that don’t consume lots of data. Recently, they introduced an offline mode for Android users. 

There are more than 1 million active advertisers on the platform, and they’ve doubled in the past 8 eight months. It looks like Instagram is going to grow a lot more and this is a proof of the excellent management of the platform. After all, not many applications stay modern after being on the market for around seven years.

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