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HBO got hacked and cyber criminals demand a ransom in Bitcoins

HBO got hacked and cyber criminals demand a ransom in Bitcoins

AdminAugust 11, 20171min917

One of the largest TV networks and the one behind the hit TV series Game of Thrones is under a massive cyber attack, whereas hackers claim to have stolen more than 1.5 terabytes of data. The sensitive information that was taken includes documents, scripts and unreleased episodes of the company.

Now, hackers demand a hefty sum in Bitcoins as ransom or else they will make the information public. So the question is whether HBO should pay the money or not?

Well, nobody can answer that, but one is for sure, HBO isn’t the first company that has to pay a ransom. Earlier this year, hackers managed to get access to unreleased series of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. They asked for thousands of Bitcoins in exchange of the files.

Netflix refused to pay the money, and the episodes were later leaked online. Apparently, the company is doing perfectly well even with the episodes shared online without their permission. So, should HBO do the same or not?

Most people believe that publicly paying a ransom could encourage the immoral behavior, which would lead to even more crime. However, rumors have it that the hackers not only have exclusive footage of unreleased episodes but highly confidential documents as well.

Moreover, paying to unknown individuals in a digital currency that can’t be tracked isn’t a guarantee that the shows and important documents won’t be leaked afterward. It isn’t clear how much money they demand as the ransom note uses “XXXX” to represent the money figure.

There’s no way to prove whether the hackers will delete the information after they are being paid. It might be better to believe that the stolen information will be leaked online at some point.

One thing is for sure, paying ransoms encourages hackers to continue with their criminal activities. So, what do you think? Should HBO pay or no?

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