Facebook’s Latest Feature Shows Stranger’s Posts

Facebook’s Latest Feature Shows Stranger’s Posts

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Facebook’s latest feature will show you posts from strangers, which is something that Twitter users were used to until now. This new feature is called “Latest Conversations, ” and it was recently revealed by the company.

Now, when you search for a new’s topic, Facebook will show posts from other users outside your private network, and you can see how many people have engaged with this topic.

This new section can be found below the “Photos” & “News” sections in your search bar. It’s a nice feature as it allows you to watch trends rise and fall in a matter of days or even hours.

Knowing this information will allow you to understand how much a particular topic is preferred by other individuals. You will know how many people are engaged with the subject, which would allow to target them with valuable content and ads.

Note that not every search can be found in the “Latest Conversations” section. The topic you search now might not be found a few hours later. Until now, Facebook hasn’t revealed what qualifies a particular subject for this section. Whether it’s an algorithm that chooses them or they are manually selected is currently unknown.

A company’s spokesman revealed that this feature is here to stay. It shows the most recent posts about hot topics discussed on the social media platform. They are also testing a new “Topics to Follow” feature, which would change the News Feed one more time.

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